Passed PSM I with 100% Now thinking about PSM II...

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06:46 am April 1, 2016

Dear All,

It's my first post here and as such I'm really excited to join this wonderful community... I passed the PSMI on my first attempt with 100% ;-) As such the advise on the forum really helped...

In particular I found watching/listening to Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland speak on various lectures recorded online really helped with consolidating and understanding Scrum - especially from a philosphical view... Very inspiring to hear these guys speak and some what interested in taking the next step of the journey with regards to PSM II and perhaps becoming a trainer one day...

Curious to know from other PSM II holders on how to go about studying for that?... I have a number of years experience within agile and feel tempted to try for the PSM II in the short term... Are they any books or resources which you recommend which can help with PSM II? Also are they any sample tests of PSM II as I've searched online and can't find anything other than some vague comments about it being a mix of multi-choice and written short answers and some even stating its essays...

Appreciate any inputs that you can offer!



10:39 am April 1, 2016

Great to see who has cleared PSM I with 100%, Keep it up

10:51 pm April 2, 2016

Well I can't claim 100%, but 98.75% (1 miss out of 80) for me 1st time taking the test is close enough !!

My thanks to all on this board for their guidance in assisting me to the right materials for studying and confidently accomplishing this.


Tim DiMeglio

11:22 am April 4, 2016

Congrats .. I also passed the PSM 1 in my first attempt utilizing many of the suggestions from this forum (read a few books, took the practice assessment until I consistently scored a 100%) and also used a few several practice tests from a firm called Management Plaza. Again, taking the practice test over and over until I got a 95% or better. The Management Plaza practice tests gave me the confidence that I could pass based on their 80 questions in 60 mins .. I was initially worried that I would not have enough time to complete the test ...but I finished in 45 minutes.

12:29 pm April 4, 2016

A big congrats to Tim and George! I hope you've updated your CV now with hopefully new opportunities on the horizons ;-) Any plans to go for the PSM II?

01:00 pm April 4, 2016

Actually, I will first try to pass the PSPO I and then PSPO II, since I'm more aligned with the business these days.

08:10 pm April 27, 2020

Hi All,

I would like to thank everyone who have shared their experiences and best practices to clear PSM1.

I cleared the exam and scored 98.8%

Here are my few cents for all those preparing to give the exam.

1. SCRUM GUIDE - This is the key. Read it and understand meaning of every word on it. Don’t just read to pass the exam but also to apply it in your organisation. Keep reading every line again and again until you are very much clear behind its meaning. Try to relate it with real life experiences. 
2. Once you are clear, now is the time to test your knowledge.There are many practice tests available online, some are easy and some are really tricky but don’t get scared of it. TRUST what you know, and what you have learnt. Attempt Open Assessments for SM and PO as many times you can, I attempted for almost 8-10 times each. Mikhail Lapshin - This will test your understanding further more as it has both LM and RM. Don’t worry if you get wrong answers, in-fact it is good as you get to learn the reason behind it. It’s better to fail now than later.

Remember, questions that you see in the exam could have be rephrased but they are mostly referring to basic scrum principles mentioned in scrum guide. 

All the best!!! 

02:44 pm August 10, 2020

Hi all, Happy to report I passed the PSM 1 with a 97.5% in 39 minutes without needing notes. My study plan is very similar to what everyone else has said and I documented my study plan here:

06:40 pm August 16, 2020

I have passed PSM I and thinking of going for PSM II. Can you please suggest how to prepare for it? Thanks!