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PSM II - Assessment Preparation

Last post 03:53 pm April 15, 2016 by Anonymous
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04:27 am April 15, 2016

Hi , every body. I am preparing for PSM II assessment and would like to know:
1) what is the best way to prepare for it in general?
2) and how to prepare for the essay questions specifically?
3) what kind of essay questions one can expect? (perhaps you could give some examples)?
Thank you so much, Akbar

03:53 pm April 15, 2016

Hello Akbar,

Thank you for your interest in Scrum and We’re glad to learn that you wish to continue your Agile journey by pursuing a PSM II certification. Please be aware that this credential is very difficult to earn, as it is used to demonstrate the certificate holder’s ability solve advanced, complex problems in real-world applications of Scrum. Anyone attempting the PSM II should have advanced Scrum knowledge and in-depth experience prior to taking this assessment.

As a first step, we would recommend that you review the subject area score breakdown (bar graph) in your PSM I results email, and then look through some of the resources in the correlating categories where you scored lower on the assessment:…

One of the most helpful books is 'Scrum - A Pocket Guide' by Gunther Verheyen (it is a fairly short read, but a fantastic one):…

As the PSM II asks questions based on complex situations that arise during the implementation of Scrum, nothing prepares you quite as thoroughly as real-world experience as a Scrum Master. If you are currently a Scrum Master or Scrum Practitioner, continuing to gain additional experience in a Scrum environment is hugely beneficial in developing the depth of knowledge and understanding that is needed to pass the PSM II. Please also note that while we do encourage people to use "Scrum, and..." (as oppose to “Scrum, but…”) in practice, we can only assess people based on the core concepts outlined in the Scrum Guide, the industry-recognized source of Scrum. As such, while you may have been using Scrum in your organization, what you practice may not be in line with Scrum by the book.

Here are two separate links to pages that have been created by our Professional Scrum Trainers, offering preparation suggestions for the PSM II assessment:…… (Scroll toward the bottom half of this page to get to the portion addressing preparation for level II assessments).

Lastly, here is a link to a thread on our forums, where we have posted a sample question and answer for the essay questions that appear on the PSM II:

We hope this information is of some help! Best of luck in your continued journey with Scrum, and enjoy your weekend!!