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PSM 1 Passed in 24 hours 92%

Last post 03:33 pm April 26, 2016 by Benjamin D’Eusanio
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01:23 pm April 24, 2016

Hi Everyone

Just wanted to tell those who are willing to take this exam for the preparation:

1. Read Scrum Guide - 10 times , until you read the first line and you can recall the rest of the paragraph without looking at it.

2. Under Scrum Guide , make sure you understand the Agile Manifesto , what makes Scrum to be different than others.

3. Attend this :

4. Attend this : , only 10 bux for 250 questions, some of the questions are poorly articulated that might hamper your conceptual understanding but many will help you to relate artifacts with roles and activities.

5. Run through Nexus Guide , quick just to make sure you know enough about it.

6. Attend Open assessments PSM one as many times as you can until you get 100% each time.


And one more thing to the designer of the framework:

These are some of the short comings that I found throughout the framework:

1. At the start it shows its completely independent from software development but then when you read NEXUS guide and you see explicit mentioning of software development in couple of places.

2. There is overwhelming stress over the time boxed events duration but there is no mention of why 4 hour is 4 hour and why the other is 3 hour, and Sprint is of one month. I think there should be logical reasoning to tie time frame to the process itself. It looks very subjective just like human calendar and the naming of the days. Having quantitative background myself this was something that I kept thinking lol (but it doesnt matter as far as PSM 1 goes )

3. If you have gone through six sigma and other agile framework theories before you will notice how Scrum tried to be independent from all of them by using its own terminologies and process labels but you still see some of the common denominator as if the designer took the inspiration from process control theory but avoided all normal distribution, standard deviation statistical stuff. I know it makes it simpler but it makes many of us wonder (especially those who are not accustomed to process control theory) about how process variations are being minimized.

4. NEXUS framework which sounds like its a scum of scrums increases the complexity of process control theory to exponential level because now you have NxN relationship of independent variables and multivariate distribution would be the only way to reduce these deviations (honestly speaking these process control frameworks are mostly applicable to production facilities not to the software development because operation research revolves around the concept of similar products being produced consecutively vs project management in which a unique undertaking is considered, so the process itself doesnt exist in project management.

5. Having worked in quantitative finance for couple of years while maintaining good contact with software development teams , I dont think anyone in the industry follows Scrum fully , to be honest , mostly its all about new buzz words in the technology teams in the all top tier financial institutions where I worked.

Overall I appreciate the effort of Creators of Scrum atleast they helped people to get away from documentation and process oriented developments (trust me if you work in industry for a while how you hate PMO chasing you for the documents and templates that even they dont have any idea of their usage)

Good Luck!

11:32 am April 25, 2016

Thanks a lot, This information will help me for sure.

10:22 pm April 25, 2016

I just read:


And I have stopped to read "Agile_Project_Management_With_Scrum.", It is a lot of pages and I have read many times the Scrum guide and getting 100% in the Open Assesment and I feel it wasnt providing too much value for me that book, yes it is more detailed with a lot of example,s but if you feel like you really understand the scrum guide those heavy materials feels worthless.

I will go instead to the Nexus guide, it is really needed topics for PSM 1?

03:33 pm April 26, 2016

mlapshin gives you a great overview of your capabilities.
Nexus is not mandatory, this is part of your culture, but you have to know that you may have questions about scrum with multiple teams.
A good understanding of the agile manisfesto is needed.

Have a nice day

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