Scaled Scrum - trusted source of information for PSM I exam

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by Faisal Salam
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04:57 am May 1, 2016

Hello Everybody,

I am currently studying to take the PSM I exam.

I am struggling a bit on the "scaled Scrum" part. It seems different authors have different approaches to Scaled Scrum.

I read a couple articles and books about this topic but I would like to know if you could give me recommendations of what to read that is aligned with the vision (on the scaled scrum topic).

Is the Nexus Guide enough?

I am asking this because I did, several times, the scaled scrum open exam and I feel that I still don't "master" this topic.

Thank you.

12:35 am May 3, 2016

I don't think you need to work on Scaled Scrum while preparing for PSM I, Scrum Guide along with Scrum Open and Product Owner Open assessment should be sufficient.

However Nexus guide is a good source for Scaled Profession Scrum exam.

06:19 pm May 3, 2016

You just have to read Nexus guide once, to give you an idea.

You have to be sure when use Nexus (where are dependencies that needs to be integrated) aswell have in mind many scrum teams working in ONE product.

07:47 am May 5, 2016

Thank you Sanjay and Daniel.

Should I assume that some "scaled scrum questions" on the Open Nexus assessment aren't fully related with Nexus?

While doing the Open Nexus assessment I came across a question that states: "Management has planned for over two hundred (200) develops to work on a new critical product ...."

Is it possible to use Nexus in this case? Isn't 81 maximum number of developers that we can have in Nexus? According to the Nexus guide we should between 3-9 scrum teams. And every scrum team should have 3-9 developers. So, the maximum number of developers: 9x9 = 81.

05:06 am May 11, 2016

Ken and are working on Nexus+

Refer to this -…

02:49 pm May 11, 2016

Thank you Sanjay. I will check it.

06:24 pm May 11, 2016

Jose, more than 81 developers is proposed with Nexus+. This (I believe) is 3-9 Nexus groups last I heard, but these very large group approaches are still being worked out.

03:52 am May 12, 2016

> I am struggling a bit on the "scaled Scrum"
> part. It seems different authors have different
> approaches to Scaled Scrum.

The key principle to bear in mind is that, even at scale, it is Development Teams that do the actual work. This is true regardless of the work involved, whether it be particular features for completion, or the integration and testing of a combined increment representing the work of many teams. Nothing falls between teams and is swept up somewhere else.

So there is no external agency, management team, or magic fairy who takes care of undone can only be performed by a Development Team. Scaling concerns are primarily about facilitation and helping teams to do exactly that.

If you bear that general principle in mind it should help you navigate the questions for the PSM exams.

12:29 pm November 17, 2016

I did the PO exam and failed because of the many questions about scaled Scrum.
I also would like to know which resources can be trusted to give me a good inside view about scaled scrum.
One source will state there is only one product owner per product and thereby per product backlog, no matter how many scrum teams are working on the product backlog.
Another source state one product owner can only be effective with 2 scrum teams.
another source state a product owner can have 2-8 teams.
So should I study Scrum of Scrums, Nexus, SaFe, spotiyfy model or......?

06:11 pm November 17, 2016

There is only one PO for the product. As an organization scales their Product, this does not change. However, the job might change as it morphs from a ‘doer’ role to a leadership one as more people support the PO in activities such as market research, requirements analysis, etc.

The best resource to read about the role of the product owner in a scaled situation is first the Nexus Guide, then their are a number of white papers on Nexus on site and I delivered an ‘interesting’ webinar on the role of the PO that can be viewed…

08:21 am November 18, 2016

Hi Dave,

Thank you for your response and recommended sources. I will study them and hope to take a retry on the exam later today.

09:38 am November 27, 2016

I am also confused if I have to absorb the whole Nexus Guide as it is not mentioned in "related Topics" mentioned for PSPO exam...

09:51 am December 1, 2016

I recently took the PSM1 exam and frankly i didn't see more than 2,3 scaled scrum questions and those too were basic information like "employing 1 PB" or having "1 PO" and if all DT have to attend daily Scrum of scrums meeting. Nothing related to "Nexus", but if one has time, it good to read the related guide and have the knowledge that can come handy in other certification for SCRUM or in real world for SCALED scrum.