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PSM 1 Passed, here is my path

Last post 11:19 am May 3, 2016 by Anonymous
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11:19 am May 3, 2016

I have passed the test with 86.5, these are my tips and details:

I have not been working with scrum before, just familiar with some topics but very far away of the real topics and sense.

I read for a 3 weeks the scrum guide, at least 7 times (in all the month I just take it easy, without ruushing).

I started to read after read many times de scrum guide and did a lot of times the Open tests (open, developer and product owner) Agile Project Management with Scrum by Ken Schwaber but I feel it too heavy and feel like I wasn't learning a lot for the time that I had to invest for reading the whole book, so I left it appart.

I secured that I reach at least 90+ in all the open test from

I did this (very good): until reaching 90+.

I read the mplaza notes from scrum.

I bought this mock test, just for 1 week (the longer you take the expensive is)
It is not very good but in case you need to gain some confidence I would help you, the first time I did it I reach 85%, after that 93+ , I did it just 3 times, the questions are random, but I feel it like it needs to improve that mock.

In the exam (at least in my expirience) there are no question about Continous Integration, TDD, Test fist case, and topics that you would find in the developer test.

Almost final advice: There is no need for reading heavy books, you would invest that time after improving your agile knowledge and all those HOWs that framework let us to decide.

Final advice: follow the advice about when you are reaching 100 in the open test, you are getting ready, I feel like I wasnt' but whe you understand:

Roles, events, artifacts.
Self organization and cross functional.
Let the creativity emerge.
Do not be a boss.
Gain productivity.
The whole process must be transparent
Introspection an adaptation.