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by Jitendra Garg
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06:48 am May 8, 2016

I am almost confident to take the PSM1 exam today. Just in case, if I did not cut through, what's the policy on retaking the exam ?

Do I have to pay everytime I retake the exam ? And how soon can I retake the exam ?

Thank you.

12:10 pm May 9, 2016

Hello Kalpana,

Thank you for your interest in! You may find answers to many frequently asked questions at our Support FAQ here:

The articles below should address your specific inquiries:……

Please feel free to reference our Support FAQ and/or send an email to if you should have any further questions.

Thank you again for your interest in and best of luck on the PSM I assessment! Enjoy your day, Kalpana.

11:13 am May 16, 2016

thank you. I didnt have to re-take the exam. passed last night with 91%

02:26 pm June 16, 2019

These links have been replaced by and

04:48 pm August 21, 2019

I am preparing and planning to appear PSM 1 certification. could you please suggest what I need to focus and  refer  more to get through the certification in one attempt.

Thank you

05:33 pm August 21, 2019

That would be the Scrum Guide.

12:36 pm August 22, 2019

There is no other way than to pay and take the exam again. If you were allowed to take more than one attempt, you will not be taking the exam at the right time. Idea is to ensure that you are confident in your learning and understanding. If you feel lack of confidence in your learning, you should spend more time trying to go through reading material. 

And trust me, that amount you spend on each attempt is nothing in long run. I have had that happen to me twice, where I missed by just couple percentage. Both times I spent 6 months more continuing my learning, and I actually learnt more than I could have if I finished the exam in first attempt. So, don't worry if you fail. It just means you got one more chance to learn.