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passed PSM1 with 91% first time

Last post 09:46 pm April 20, 2017 by Jeevitha Ellappan
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11:22 am May 16, 2016

my path - 2 weeks of preparation with a FT job and stuff to do on the weekend.

i had worked in an organization in the past (5 years ago) that was transitioning to Agile SCRUM. I was a consultant and worked on two projects. So that helped. After reading the scrum guide the first time, i felt that the then scrum master did an awesome job.

read scrum guide - 6-8 times. every statement is important. make sure you understand not just read through and think you understand. read nexus guide couple times

assessment on - multiple times.

assessment on - learning mode multiple times, real time mode twice or thrice. and the nexus one once - A big thank you Mikhail

and practiced - paid $42 but worth it.

onto my next adventure. good luck y'all

ps: the interface on the exam needs improvement. its not as smooth as on the assessments that Mikhail has. page refreshes each time and is very slow. nothing wrong with my internet. the bookmarks too not very interactive. just keep that in mind.

09:40 pm April 20, 2017

I would like to share my experience with PSM 1 -No training

Study scrum guide (each and every word matters)

I personally suggest not to spend on any other study materials as scrum guide is more than enough.

Take open assessments available at

Make use of free mock test at in learning mode. While taking test read the brief explanation given below. That is more important than getting your answers correct. 

In both the above assessments, you may not find different set of questions every time you attempt, Hence its obvious you get 100% the second/third time you take. But that's not all you need. You should literally understand the meaning and crux of scrum. Go through the description given. 

Understand the entirety of scrum. 80 Questions in 60 minutes is sensible. You can bookmark the questions whichever you are less confident at & later return and correct it. However bookmarks are not very much user friendly and takes time to load.

I cleared my PSM 1 (self study) with 91% at first attempt ( & I know where I went wrong :) )

Wishing best of scrum :)