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Five Scrum Values?

Last post 01:06 pm November 4, 2016 by Steven Mackenzie
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12:50 pm May 23, 2016

Context: Looking at Lyssa Adkins' high performance tree as described by Luis Gonçalves.

Background: I know we have three pillars, three artifacts, three roles, four (or five, or five and 1/2) events, and multiple rules.

When used within an agile environment, Scrum teams should adhere to the four (actually eight) agile values and twelve principles.

Question: So where did the five "Scrum values" (commitment, courage, openness, focus, respect) come from? These sound like a paraphrase of Lencioni's work. Is there some likelihood of these being incorporated in the Scrum Guide? Were they in a prior version? (I only looked back to 2010)

10:33 am May 25, 2016

These values (of which XP also has a variation) are patterns for achieving quality which seem to have been inspired by “The Timeless Way of Building” by Christopher Alexander, 1979. In "The Scrum Papers", Jeff Sutherland sources this work with regard to the Scrum values.…

05:07 pm May 25, 2016

@Ian, thank you so much for the link. It is really great !

04:48 pm July 14, 2016

The Scrum Guide update for 2016 includes the Scrum values: NOTE: This link will only be relevant until the next update. I've asked for revision history (all versions) to be available but the response indicated that it was not going to happen.

01:06 pm November 4, 2016

They are in the last chapter of "Agile Software Development with Scrum" by Ken Schwaber and Mike Beedle, 2001, according to this blog post from 2008:…

I had long been confused about what the "scrum values" were that my colleagues sometimes spoke about.