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Cleared PSM 1 with 92.5%

Last post 07:32 am May 29, 2016 by Anonymous
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07:32 am May 29, 2016

Dear all, today I have successfully completed the PSM 1 assessment. Just wanted to share how I prepared for it.

1) I work in an organization where we follow ScrumBut (so little bit of practical experience)
2) I read the official scrum guide thrice (thoroughly); took a print out of it and highlighted important points to remember
3) Completed the open assessments i.e. Scrum Open (6 times), Product Owner Open (3 times), Developer Open (3 times), Scrum Practitioner (3 times), all the quizzes from "" until I scored more than 95-100% consistently.
4) Watched the video lecture "Scrum by the book by Per Beining"
5) Read the free training material from ""
6) Followed the instructions on "" website
7) Learnt from the experience from other members in this forum.

Hope that helps.