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Applying scrum

Last post 04:12 pm June 2, 2016 by Ian Mitchell
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11:16 am June 2, 2016

Hi everyone,

Currently, I am trying to apply scrum on a mobile project with detailed analysis (I mean detailed user stories and rules. For example: in the login form user name shouldn't be more than 15 characters etc.).

Also UI designs of project are ready. I am trying to create PBI on backlog. I know PBIs should offer business value items and also there shouldn't be dependencies among them.

My question: I think somehow I have to connect my PBIs to the user stories, rules and designs. What would be the best way to do it? (Should I give link from PBIs to analysis documents on drive or write rules and stories inside of the description of PBI?)

Also I know should be tasks that created by team under PBIs. How analysis elements like user stories, rules and designs should connect to the tasks under PBI?

Thank you

04:12 pm June 2, 2016

> I am trying to create PBI on backlog

Which backlog? The Product Owner is responsible for the content and order of the Product Backlog. Are you the PO? If so, how do you think the content and order of that backlog ought to be structured so as to maximize the value delivered?