Organizational psychology in an agile context

Last post 11:48 am June 16, 2016
by Anonymous
11:48 am June 16, 2016

Dear All,

I've recently started my PhD in organizational psychology and my research is focusing on agile practices, organizational culture, stress and resilience. I'm looking for software development team members who apply agile practices (including scrum) and are willing to devote some of their time to take part in the study.

I have a questionnaire which takes about 35 minutes to complete (I know, it's super long but the process itself can be beneficial from an individual perspective and in case you want to read the general conclusions, you can provide your email address and get a copy of the study which is expected in Q2 2017).

If you have any questions or want to discuss the study, please contact me: doemaap at gmail

Thanks a lot,

Emese Dobos