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Multiple Scrum Teams - Leadership updates

Last post 04:12 pm March 29, 2023 by Dixie Bamford
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02:03 pm March 28, 2023


Wondering if anyone has any great ideas on how to provide leadership a team health update rollup of multiple scrum teams..... Looking for thoughts or any helpful templates out there. 

Appreciate it! 


05:33 pm March 28, 2023

I have ideas and templates on how to do this, which I have used in the past, but none are great.

They are all rotten, because the situation you have described is not one of "leadership", but of higher-ups sitting in a rarified bubble and expecting to be waited on by others. 

I'd suggest that if those higher-ups evidenced the servant leadership we value in Scrum, they would be pro-actively seeking out issues and impediments which are holding teams back. They wouldn't need a rolled-up report which is subject to filtering and delay. They'd be working with you and other Scrum Masters very closely and would make sure they already know these things. They've recognized that agile change is urgent and the most important thing in their working day. That would be good.

10:05 pm March 28, 2023

I'm with @Ian on this one.  I've done it because I had no choice.  But the "leadership" never liked what I presented because they do not understand that comparing teams is worthless. 

Each team is self-managing, self-organizing, self-forming.  Each team controls the way that they work, how they define their Product Backlog Items, how they plan Sprints.  While there are some similar activities and terms, the implementation of them is most likely different if the team is truly allowed to be self-organizing and self-managing.  

Instead of spending time getting this roll-up of team health, why not educate "leadership" on how self-managing, self-organizing teams are different from controlled teams.  Help them understand that the best way to determine the "health of the team" is by observing how easy it is for them to deliver value to the stakeholders on an iterative basis. "Health" is a term that is misused as much as "Agile" is. 

Maybe instead of reading a rolled up report on team health, they help the teams better by educating themselves on Evidence-Based Management. ( 

01:25 pm March 29, 2023

Thank you both, excellent feedback!!

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