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What are the best practices when implementing scrum?

Last post 08:59 pm April 15, 2023 by Joseph Abayomi Ajayi
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02:24 pm April 12, 2023

Hey Guys

As you know, Scrum is an agile project management framework used to develop and deliver complex products. It enables teams to work together effectively and efficiently by focusing on short intervals of development, known as sprints, that usually last two weeks. Each sprint involves a team working together to define goals for the specific period, plan out tasks necessary to complete those goals, and then focus on the work until it is finished. Scrum allows teams to deliver high-quality products in shorter periods by encouraging collaboration, prioritizing tasks based on customer value, and continuously re-evaluating progress.

However, as a new user of Scrum, I am here to ask the experts some questions.

What are the best practices when implementing scrum?

How can I ensure that my team is making the most of scrum and getting results?

What challenges should I be aware of and how can I prepare for them?

Where can I get coupons or discounts on scrum-related tools and materials?

Overall, I'm excited to learn more about how to incorporate Scrum into my workflow. Thank you in advance for your help!

07:16 pm April 12, 2023

Don't think of Scrum as being about "project management" at all -- this is unlikely to prove helpful. Bear in mind that the most important "project" is the Sprint since this allows empiricism to be established and maintained by self-managing teams. Hence don't try and "incorporate" Scrum into a workflow either. It is better to recognize that existing workflows and organizations will need to systemically change.

07:49 pm April 12, 2023

The beginning of your post sounds very much like something you found on a website that talks about "Agile scrum project management".  It does have some things correct but overall is flawed.  If you really want to learn more about the Scrum framework, I suggest you read this information from (  I also suggest you read the Scrum Guide (  Use the self-assessments from to determine how well you fully understand the framework. (

After you have made it through all of that information, come back to ask specific questions and we can provide our opinions to help you form your own. 

08:41 pm April 12, 2023

@syma - in addition to the previous comments I would also add the following as you start your Scrum journey.

Focus on communication.  Any new endeavor brings a variety of challenges.  As Scrum is a team based framework, you will be working with others as you start this journey.  Establishing an environment where open and honest communication is welcomed will be essential for the team to work through the challenges you will face.

Focus on respect and courage.  From the Scrum Guide:

"Scrum Team members respect each other to be capable, independent people, and are respected as such by the people with whom they work.  The Scrum Team members have the courage to do the right thing, to work on tough problems."

These values will be crucial for bolstering an environment where open and honest communication is welcomed.  They will also allow the team to focus on the work at hand, and issues to be resolved, reducing the risk of personnel issues within the team.

My last bit of advice is to understand the Scrum journey is different for every team.  The Scrum Guide is purposely vague in many areas as it defines Scrum as a "lightweight framework."  This leaves room for teams to experiment with different practices; allowing them to find their own path to be highly productive in a sustainable way. 

Good luck!

10:08 am April 13, 2023

There are no best practices when it comes to complexity. That's also the main point of empiricism or agile methods. Let's take a look at the very first sentence of the agile manifesto:

We are uncovering better ways of developing
software by doing it

You have a sprint (doing it) followed by a retrospective (uncovering better ways).

What's good for your team doesn't have to be good for other teams and vice versa. When you face a specific challenge, good practices may exist that you can try.

You can't ensure anything. Your actions only influence the team. Same principle. We can look at the Scrum guide:

Empiricism asserts that knowledge comes from experience and making decisions based on what is observed


11:27 am April 13, 2023

Scrum is an agile project management framework that encourages collaboration and prioritizes tasks based on customer value. Best practices for implementing Scrum include clear communication and continuous evaluation, while challenges include resistance to change and difficulty prioritizing tasks. While there are no specific coupons or discounts available for Scrum-related tools, there are many online resources available to learn and find tools. Good luck with your implementation!

08:59 pm April 15, 2023

@Syma, a good way to start is to read the Scrum Guide daily or as many times as possible to gain a thorough understanding of the Framework. It will also help you to understand the Agile Manifesto properly, the 4 Values and Principles given that Scrum is one of the Frameworks under Agile Methodology.

"As a new user of Scrum" - May I please ask what exactly is your accountability as per the Scrum Guide? 

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