Passing PSM 1

Last post 12:09 pm June 24, 2016
by Lyubomir Mihaylov
12:09 pm June 24, 2016

Hi All. Just my info about PSM assessment and maybe some tips how to pass.

I done the exam 2 times. The first time I was really close 83.7(67 correct) so I was disappointed. I study the Scrum Guide inside out, I have been Scrum Master for 2 team for more than 1 year, done the online exams on 100% many times and still I messed up.

On the second try I passed with the fantastic result of 98(2 wrongs only out of 80), so I ma proud a bit :). What was the difference. Well I done some more reading on Agile, Scrum, here in the forum also. Done the online exams again plenty of times, lapshin test also many times and also the Scrum Practitioner many times.

Well what I can recommend is first to get some experience and real one(cause a lot of companies/teams )think that if they are doing a Daily then they are doing Scrum. As mentioned before is a mindset, not just open the book and you are ready. Even in my daily work I still have some issues which I will explain in different forum. So experience, if you don't have it then I guess do everything that is free on the market(assessments, exams, books, etc). On top of that Scrum Guide until is clear..every point you can explain to yourself and then some more tests and also Scale Scrum(more than 3 questions in the test).

Good Luck to everybody.