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by Gongyuan Chen
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04:07 pm July 24, 2016

Hello All,

I am preparing for PSM-1 and have read the Scrum guide (3 times) and given the PSM Open Assessment 3-4 times scoring 90+. But I have read/heard that the actual exam is way too different and tougher as compared to the open assessment.

So any tips/guidance on what other stuff should i read and how exactly i can consider myself fully prepared before this PSM-1 exam ?

Also, do we get just one attempt for the exam ? And for the second attempt, I again need to purchase the exam ?

Thanks in Advance !!

04:14 pm July 25, 2016

Hi Ashish,

I would say just reading the Scrum Guide is not sufficient to pass the exam. You got to understand the concept and try to relate it with the real life examples as what would you do if you act as a Scrum Master.

PSM Open Assessments are really helpful and you will find couple of questions from them in the real exam. Keep giving Open Assessments till you get 100% consistently in each attempt.

You will get only one attempt for the exam. For second attempt you have to purchase it again so prepare well and nail it.

Hope this information helps.


06:02 am July 26, 2016

Hi Ashish,

Fully agreed with what Pawan is saying.You need to study hard and not just read the Scrum Guide. You need to understand it fully, you need to do more than 30 times the open exams, passing with 100% and also do the mlapshin exam to test your knowledge. It is not that easy :).

Good luck.

03:25 pm June 15, 2020

Understand the Scrum guides.

05:38 am June 16, 2020