The Scrum Guide History

Last post 01:28 pm September 13, 2016
by T Srinivasulu
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09:28 pm August 3, 2016

Please expose past versions of The Scrum Guide and the revision notes on this site or

A valuable resource and teaching aid during my journey to understanding the Scrum framework was the revisions to the 2011 creating the 2013 version of The Scrum Guide. When the 2016 update was released a few weeks ago I was glad for the list of revisions and webcast about those changes. Sadly, the previous one was removed. Thankfully an email led to the receipt of a copy of that history again. Since then I have spent a good bit of time with the internet Wayback Machine to gather several more versions and revisions.

10:59 am August 4, 2016

I agree with Alan, revision notes are particularly important to understand why the Scrum Guide evolve in wich direction.

By the way, I'm very happy to have the 5 core values written explicitely in the 2016 version.
It's very important to me because people around me talk a lot about "agile best practices" without commitment to the agile and Scrum values.

04:59 pm August 8, 2016

Thank you for the feedback and the previous revisions will be added back to the Scrum Guides site as well.

02:51 pm August 11, 2016

Thank you, Mr. Naiburg!

05:14 pm September 4, 2016

Ideally the scrum guide could be maintained under an open source "version control system" which enables viewing change log(s) and/or easier comparison with previous versions.

01:28 pm September 13, 2016

+1 @Shabid. Any Open Source Version Control System will do.