What's the difference between 'SCRUM OPEN' and 'DEVELOPER OPEN'?

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by Priyanka Laddhad
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06:22 pm August 11, 2016


I'm new to scrum and wanted to go for PSM I certification. As I was going through scrum.org, I see 'SCRUM OPEN' and 'DEVELOPER OPEN' in open assessments. Wanted to know what is the basic difference among them? And for taking PSM I, which assessment should I go for?

Please suggest any book(s) / site(s) where I can read / take more assessments for getting certified.

07:06 am August 12, 2016

Scrum Open is exclusively focus on the Scrum framework. It is your main target for the PSM I.

Developer Open deals also with "engineering" practices like ATDD / TDD, Continuous integration, pair-programming...

07:07 am August 12, 2016

For PSM 1 your primary focus should be on Scrum Open. Developer Open is designed more for the PSD track.

That said, you will probably find it beneficial to work through each of the Open assessments, practicing & learning until you can consistently achieve 100% because this will help to ensure that you have good rounded knowledge. This will [a] help you be effective in your job in a Scrum team (whatever that role might be) and , help you with your certification.

08:11 pm August 12, 2016

"Scrum open" is for PSM and "Developer Open" is for PSD. For preparation there are many resources availbale out there. Things which I referred are:
1. keep the scrum guide as your main reference.
2. Read the "Scrum - A Pocket guide"
3. "The Scrum Master Training Manual" from management plaza.

For assessments you can try following two free assessments :
1. http://greenmirage.com/posts/scrum-master-psm-certification-mock-exam/
2. http://mlapshin.com/index.php/psm-quiz/learning-mode/

You can also try the following paid (but cheap) assessment, it has some good set of questions:


Apart from this you can also register for management plaza emails, which are free. Everyday they will send you details of one topic, which is very informative.

10:41 am July 3, 2020

Hello ,

Can some one please help me with Practice exams for PSD I certificate. I have studied the Scrum guide and cleared PSM I and am a developer , so have the knowledge of XP / TDD .

But how and where can I get mock exams for PSD except for Open assessment section which just has 20/30 questions.

Appreciate your help

Thanks in advance.