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Value of CSM Certification without attending 2 day classroom training

Last post 09:44 pm August 24, 2016 by Smrutha Ramakrishnan
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05:12 pm August 17, 2016


If I were to take the CSM assessment without attending the 2 day classroom training would it change the value of my certification in any way?

Thanks !

08:37 pm August 17, 2016

If you talking about the other scrum master certification, I don't think that training is optional

09:21 pm August 17, 2016

I don't think that training is optional

That would be correct, attendance is mandatory for the CSM. At the time being CSM is more recognized most likely due to seniority. I like what is doing and can see it becoming more competitive with it in the next 3-5 years.

Smrutha , any particular reason why you wouldn’t attend the class?

10:41 pm August 17, 2016

I think she is asking; What is the most cost-effective way to become Scrum certified?

I too have the same question. My understanding is the 2 day $1,000 course is required in order for certification, is that correct?

12:26 am August 18, 2016

Thanks for your response Doug. My husband is a CSM and he has been executing agile projects for the last 5 years. He has a huge collection of Agile training materials that he collected along the way. I wanted to understand if I could utilize his materials and his experience as my guide and take the certification directly instead of attending the 2 day classroom session.

12:26 am August 18, 2016

Sorry Karthick, I did not understand what you mean by 'other scrum master certification' ?

12:37 am August 18, 2016

The certification only shows you being a CSM. It does not show you Percentage or pre-requisites you did to achieve the certification.
If you give certification directly from it does not require you to attend class room trainiing. Bottom lline is concepts needs to be clear for Scrum Master which you can use in your work and based on the experience as well.

07:51 am August 18, 2016

Are you talking about CSM from or PSM from ?

01:54 pm August 18, 2016

Hello Smrutha,

Well, you are right that CSM does require you to take a class. But at we do not believe that certification should come from going to a class, it should be based on your knowledge and understanding of the subject. As a matter of fact, Ken Schwaber our founder and the co-creator of Scrum has written a 3 part blog series on exactly that subject. You can find it at…. If you are purely looking for certification, then CSM may be the way to go as you pay for a 2 day class and at the end, take an open book/computer test where all answers are "googleable" and get your certification. Now for, the Professional Scrum Master and other Professional Scrum assessments are independent of classes. We highly recommend that you take a class and include a free attempt if you do take one of our classes, but it is not mandatory and they are not easy assessments. Each assessment is time boxed, you must score an 85% or better to pass and truly test your knowledge and understanding of Scrum and ability to apply Scrum in the real world. We believe and this has been validated by many in the industry around the world that the PSM is much more highly regarded as a test of knowledge and understanding of Scrum vs. getting a certification for taking a class. Please read Ken's blog articles to learn more about why he created and this set of assessments. Thank you.

06:48 pm August 18, 2016

*Minor note --
Not everyone who takes the CSM from the ScrumAlliance needs to have taken the 2-day class. There is a lesser known alternative way.
(However, I sense Smrutha is also unaware of this.)

@Smurutha --
Your question s subjective and will evoke multiple responses. Allow me to answer it a little differently.

I know someone who has a diamond ring. The value of it is personal and means more to her. How she acquired it, the setting, the experience, etc. is a story she will narrate and share.

Others, too, have a diamond ring. Some may have the same identical one as well.
My suggestion to most people starting out is to always take an in-person course. The knowledge and training material from your husband will help. However, the experience of a 2-day, interactive class is very different.

@Olivier has raised a good question -- There are 2 credible certifying bodies out there. The PSM I via Scrum.Org is a beginner assessment which you can take without a class.

If you would like to connect offline, feel free -- I can make more suggestions and have a .ppt deck on certifications I share in the community.

04:42 pm August 19, 2016


By "other", I meant the CSM ScrumMaster certification administered by ScrumAlliance

09:47 am August 21, 2016

I would suggest PSM is more.meritorious and csm is purely commercial. As of me someone to be A Scrum Mastery it requires a lot of personality traits too

09:44 pm August 24, 2016

Thanks all for your responses !

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