Scrum in an Hour

Last post 04:24 am August 23, 2016
by Norbin Astrero
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01:06 pm August 21, 2016

Hi all

I've put together, a brief introduction to the Scrum Framework. It can be used for brownbag and lunch-n-learn type sessions.

- Ian M

01:09 pm August 21, 2016

Oops I forgot the comma problem after links here. Should be

06:52 am August 22, 2016

This is a good video -- I can see this being useful exactly as you describe, for brown-bag lunch sessions, etc. Particularly for people who have the typical mis-informed concept of Scrum

07:57 am August 22, 2016

Great video. As a French, bad at listening to English, I have to congratulate you for your very clear pronunciation.

Maybee the overwiew of the framework need several small pictures instead of the big overview, for people with a focus on "display" ?

Thank you for your job !

04:24 am August 23, 2016

Actually a good video for a brownbag session. I can use/share this to my team.