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Agile Project Manager - Agile in Name only

Last post 03:30 pm September 9, 2016 by Timothy Baffa
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04:49 pm September 8, 2016

A new trend in Agile world is that die-hard waterfall PMs become CSM with 2 days of attendance and suddenly they change their title to agile PM. Most of them start handling Large Scale Scrum inappropriately using waterfall project management (because that is what they are till just a few months back). Added to that they start talking as if they themselves invented scrum while in reality these Jaffa(s) are just AINOs (Agile in Name only). As an SM how do you handle this situation? Request only non-Jaffa(s) to respond.

07:14 pm September 8, 2016

I don't know what the term "Jaffa(s)" means. If you wouldn't mind clarifying, then I will know if I am requested to respond.

08:41 pm September 8, 2016

I believe Jaffa is a slang term for beginner. "T" can clear that up, though.

A quick CSM certification simply does not impart knowledge about Agile or how to best serve teams. Carrying the title "Agile PM" is therefore meaningless (as are most titles within Agile/Scrum).

Do you have any examples of Agile PM behavior that in your opinion run counter to Agile/Scrum?

06:45 am September 9, 2016

@Alan: A term widely used in Indian region to refer A person with little or no practical knowledge.

@Baffa: A lot. Hopefully you are not a Jaffa even though your messages (wild guess) indicate that you could be an agile faced PM. right?

03:30 pm September 9, 2016

Do you have any examples of Agile PM behavior that in your opinion run counter to Agile/Scrum?

A lot.


Allow me to clarify. T Srinivasulu, can you please describe a situation you've experienced where Agile PM behavior has run counter to Agile/Scrum? Perhaps the most egregious example that is causing you the most pain, and where feedback from the community may provide the most benefit?

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