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Looking for ideas or help how to implement Scrum

Last post 09:54 pm June 23, 2023 by Ian Mitchell
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02:11 pm June 23, 2023

Hello. I’ve been managing a project for a while in our company (retail, not IT). We are trying to reach a scrum method. The goal of the project is to increase the marketplace’s earnings. Our main CRM system is 1C and the whole company works there - we create tasks with deadlines for each other and we are used to that. The problem is we are trying to figure out how to manage it using 2 CRM systems such as Trello for tasks (scrum) and 1C for our company tasks. Because tasks probably will double up so it’s like a double job with the cards in Trello.

Sorry for my English, I hope you can get what I mean. And I hope you can share with me some ideas on how I can help my project not to stop and get used to Scrum.

08:59 pm June 23, 2023

,To start with Scrum( including getting feedback from the website here) the first steps should b

1. Simplify all items and descriptions(probably Product backlog items) and avoid abbreviations wherever possible

2. Make sure all Product back log items are clear to the level which your grandmother would understand without any additional training.


Description of non functional item improvement item/ task which you have described might not be clear enough for many people outside of retail world and is too big.

Learn to refine such items: make it clear to anyone reading it, and brake it to small tasks

3. Scrum is not a method of running Atlassian software like Trello or Jira. Atlassian soft is a tool to use Scrum. Dont adapt Scrum for a tool, adapt a tool for Scrum, or change a tool.

If you will elaborate further about actual aspects of implementing, many ppl here will provide further feedback


09:54 pm June 23, 2023

The goal of the project is to increase the marketplace’s earnings. Our main CRM system is 1C...

Let's put the tools you use to one side for the moment. How often do you release valuable pieces of work into that marketplace, and how do you assure their quality?

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