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Clarification about Definition of Done Open Assessment Question

Last post 03:51 pm June 28, 2023 by Nicholas Gabrichidze
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05:49 pm June 27, 2023

I would like to clarity for below question associated with Scrum Open Assessment, what is the reason option C is correct? and why not option D is appropriate? please advise. Although, I agree that statement in option C is part of Scrum Guide in Commitment: Definition of Done section. I would like to understand concrete reason for option D being incorrect.

Question: Who creates the Definition of Done?

A. The Product Owner since they are responsible for the product's success.

B. The Scrum Master since they are responsible for the productivity of the Developers.

C. If its not an organisational standard, the Scrum Team must create a Definition of Done appropriate for the product.

D. The Scrum Team, in collaboration effort where the result is the common denominator of all member's definition.


Thank you in Advance!

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06:13 pm June 27, 2023

The Definition of Done is not a common denominator of a group of people's thoughts.  It is a single definition that is committed to by the entire team.  If there is a organizational definition that is common to all teams, that is the default. However, individual Scrum Teams may choose to add to the organizational definition to be more restrictive for their particular product. 

However, option D could be a good way to start building a Definition of Done.  If everyone says that they want a certain requirement, then that is pretty easy to add.  However, any of the requirements on individual's definitions should be considered and discussed. The individual that had it on their definition could have a unique perspective that others didn't consider and discussion could lead to results no one expected. Just taking the easy way of gathering the common requirements could lead to someone not being willing to commit. 

06:44 pm June 27, 2023

I would like to understand concrete reason for option D being incorrect

Collaboration is good, but suppose the only thing they had in common was that they checked work in. That common denominator wouldn't provide much of an assurance over quality.

08:15 am June 28, 2023

The question is "Who creates the DoD"

The D answer is incomplete. 

It is lacking the information that besides the Scrum Team the Organization also might be involved in the process.


10:53 am June 28, 2023

As others have mentioned, D is an incomplete answer, and not the best of the options available. The first part of D, "The Scrum Team" is not wrong, assuming no organizational standard already exists.

C includes both the tie in to following organizational standards as a minimum, and Scrum Team creating if no standard exists.

C being a direct quote from Scrum Guide is also key for PSM I.

C's mention of "common denominator of all member's definition" doesn't mention anything about what is appropriate for the product. Others in this thread have provided examples of how "members definition" or "common denominator" may not be appropriate.

03:51 pm June 28, 2023

Simple, because Scrum Guide says so. Answer C is quoting Scrum guide(see the Definition of done section).

In practice people often deviate from Scrum guide provisions. But you talking about assessment at, so 

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