"The Scrum Master wants to build it fast"

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by Marcin Bobowski
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07:05 am September 30, 2016

Hi all.
I have recently read this papers:
and found this pretty interesting sentence:
"The Product Owner wants to build the right thing, the Development Team wants to build it right and the Scrum Master wants to build it fast. A great team knows how to balance these different interests."
Its actually first time when I read about Scrum Muster wanting to build something fast.
What do you think about it?

02:10 pm September 30, 2016

May I reformulate this way ?
the Dev Team wants to be effective, the Scrum Master want the Dev Team to be more and more efficient (instead of "fast" or "faster")

04:20 pm September 30, 2016


- a PO could be said to "want the right thing built" in the sense of being a value maximizer, and by definition the right thing maximizes value.
- a Dev Team could be said to want to "build it right" in the sense that they are responsible for defining and achieving Done.
- an SM could be said to "want it built fast" in the sense that as many inspect/adapt opportunities should be leveraged as productively as possible.

That would be my interpretation of this, although it wouldn't be my choice of words.

01:41 pm October 3, 2016

I had a similar reaction, Marcin. I haven't had time to re-read and post comments directly on the article. Effective and efficient does not mean fast. I would also refer to the Manifesto for Agile Software Development:

Agile processes promote sustainable development. The sponsors, developers, and users should be able to maintain a constant pace indefinitely.

02:32 pm October 5, 2016

I will place my bet with Alan. I think we will see a change in the Scrum Guide in the future. The scrum guide adapts and evolves just like we do:)

09:37 am April 23, 2017

Thank you all for the answers... The more I'm in my Scrum Master journey the more close I am to Ian's point of view - faster in terms of continous improvement. Any other way of treating this part would mean a SM to be a manager of something more than just a process.