Tools for Project / Requirments Management using Agile

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by asif ali
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02:57 pm October 11, 2016

Dears, I need you to share with me real time experience for tools you have been using to manage a Project using Agile ( Project Management , Requirements Management ) , including Reporting and Visual Diagramming of Requirements ,..

10:47 am October 16, 2016


12:29 pm October 18, 2016

Is the team who you are belong is co-located? If that's the case, nothing more engaging than physical boards, postits and pens. Moreover, it facilitates transparency.

05:10 pm January 31, 2020

we use ZenTao tool for Agile and Scrum, and it is developed by an Agile team. ZenTao is an All Lifecycle Manangement, covering the whole process of software development projects.