Software Dependancy while ordering PBI

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by Mohammed Javed Rafi
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11:23 am October 13, 2016

Should the PO look at software dependancy while ordering the PBI items?
He can look at any dependancies between PBI, I understand. But should he look at software dependancy while ordering the PBI?

01:33 pm October 13, 2016

Yes, this is likely something that they would discuss with the development team during refinement activities as it is something that they need to understand to be able to make appropriate decisions on the order of work.

If they didn't do this, there would be little value in ordering the backlog if the pattern for execution could never practically match it. Think about the impact that this would have on transparency, particularly to stakeholders. It would also create havoc during Sprint Planning sessions and the Sprints themselves when these impediments might otherwise come to light.

01:43 pm October 13, 2016

The PSPO certificate guide from Musthafa Mohammed Soukath Ali says like this. Hence I the question.

'PO may consider dependancies between pbl, but not the software dependancies on the tools that DT uses.'

01:46 pm October 13, 2016


The bright side of responding to your questions Muthu is that I get to practice patience, which is a key (but often overlooked) quality for Scrum Masters to have.

Once again, this forum is dedicated specifically to certification and Scrum.Org questions.

Per the forum description:

"Discuss issues relating to including assessments, programs, classes, and any other aspect of the organization."

There is another forum at where questions about Scrum can be posed:

https:// /Forums/aff/1 "Discuss all aspects of using and practicing Scrum. Search existing threads to scaffold your studies, and post replies to share your insight and knowledge."

It doesn't matter if you are studying for your PSPO and have questions regarding Product Owner behavior/responsibility. Questions about the practice of Scrum are intended for the other forum.

I tell you this because, while you may get a response to your questions in this forum, there is a much greater likelihood of getting replies to your inquiries in the other forum. It also "unclutters" the two forums, supporting each forum's purpose and creating "focus" (a Scrum value).

That would be my suggestion, instead of duplicating the same question from several days ago in this forum because you got zero replies.

07:12 pm October 13, 2016

I get it now. thanks Timothy. I will post in other forum.

03:58 pm January 10, 2017

Hi Muthu,

This is not relevant to your question.

I am trying to purchase PSPO guide by Shoukath but am unable to do so in Amazon or Smashwords.

Would you be kind to advise as I quickly want to learn and get PSPO certified.

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