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PSM 1 Certification exam format

Last post 10:38 am November 25, 2016 by Pratosh Kumar
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04:11 pm October 13, 2016

In PSM 1 exam -
Does the question specifies how many answer we should select for a particular multiple choice question?
Like 'Select THREE most appropriate answers for activities of Product Backlog Management'; and there are five options given?

Have any of you seen multiple choice questions without specifying how many answers we should select?


04:56 pm October 13, 2016

Hi Vivek,

I passed my exam this monday, and I'm sure there weren't multiple choice questions without it, how many answers you need to pick. The number of the correct answers always was included in the question.


05:27 pm October 13, 2016

Thanks for the quick reply Peter.
Congrats on passing the exam. Do you recommend any last-minute tips or preparation prior to take the exam?


05:37 pm October 13, 2016

Last-minute tips? ... good understanding of the Scrum Guide, solving of the well known four sample exams (Mikhail Lapshin and Management Plaza) and you're ready to go. All I did, I printed the tricky questions from the samples and had them in front of me during the exam.


09:37 pm October 13, 2016

Thanks for the helpful advice, Peter. Did the tricky questions from the sample exams appear on the actual PSM I?

07:25 am October 14, 2016

Hi Betty,

yes a few of them (or very similar) did appear on the exam, although without answering them correctly you still have a good chance to pass the PSM I.


02:04 pm October 16, 2016

Thanks, I will do my first try tomorrow.. Is there a lot of questions related to Scaled Scrum (Nexus) ?

05:50 pm October 17, 2016

Hi Benoit,

no I had maybe 2 or 3 questions related to Scaled Scrum. If you know, what Scrum of Scrums is, how the multiple teams handling the Product- and Sprint Backlogs, then you know enough about scaling the Scrum. Questions directly related to Nexus weren't at all... at least in my case. Well it won't hurt you, if you have some knowledge about Nexus, so just read the Nexus Guide once, but you can pass the PSM I without it too.


11:02 am November 16, 2016

I experienced more questions about scaled scrum. Mostly about issues in or between dev teams and how to handle them (and the scrum master role in this). I haven't seen those topics in the guide so I'm quite sure I missed those. Still looking for more information about this before I schedule the exam again. Just need a small extra step after a fail with 85,3%

07:18 am November 22, 2016

Oops, 83,5 of course in stead of 85,3 (withfull thinking)

10:38 am November 25, 2016

some questions or choices may have two parts - one correct and the other incorrect. Example: Scrum Master facilitates (correct) by taking decision on team's behalf(incorrect).

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