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Test Case Review in Agile

Last post 08:19 pm November 18, 2016 by Ganesh Raja Munuswamy
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06:19 am October 20, 2016


I am an tester and our project we are using Sprint. We are in the 1st sprint.

As part of the test case building and practices around it, I wanted the Developer to review my test cases. However, the Managers feel that Developers should not review the test cases developed by tester. They believe if that happens, tester's mindset aligns with the developer's mindset.

Please help me. Is it fine for a developer to review test cases developed by tester in Agile?


01:28 pm October 20, 2016

Is it fine for a member of the team to review the work of another member ?

02:41 pm October 20, 2016

> They believe if that happens, tester's mindset aligns with the developer's mindset.

Why do managers see collaboration and alignment as a problem? Why shouldn't developers see tests, or even code in order to pass known test cases? What issue are the managers trying to solve, and why are *they* trying to solve it instead of the team?

01:07 pm October 22, 2016

It's absolutely fine, especially for the first Sprint. Your test case can be reviewed by any team member, not necessarily the developer(s) who implemented the user story. And it's a common practice (to do test case review) when it comes to complicated user stories.

02:24 am October 31, 2016

Well. I have been having a tough time making them understand scrum values.

02:07 am November 2, 2016

Test review, code review and any other types of review sounds like a good practice of communication and collaboration between the team members. It can even bring the right questions to PO before something goes wrong.
And it's not related to the sprint #, as the test cases are being created for every sprint.

03:58 pm November 3, 2016

Posted By Srikanth Vasudeva on 31 Oct 2016 02:24 AM
Well. I have been having a tough time making them understand scrum values.

I would phrase it this way to the Managers:

"I want to review my test cases with a developer, and hopefully find a way to automate as much of this testing as possible, to allow me more time to do exploratory testing and so that we will be better covered for automated regression testing in the future."

11:39 pm November 12, 2016

Is your definition of done different from the developer's? If so then there might be an issue with the story itself.

08:19 pm November 18, 2016

Some projects follow test cases sign off from development lead/poc. Rather getting approval for test cases, I would suggest to get approval for test scenarios/objectives or whatever you name that should be of higher level withoug getting into much details. I used to get test scenarios approval from Dev team just to make sure we both are in sync in the requirements. this will also help developers to understand the various scenarios they should have at back of their head when writing the code. therefore we can reduce defects and in turn saves time. You could give this feedback to your manager if he is not agreeing with you. but you should understand there is no pre defined test scenarios nor requirements in agile. everything can change over the course of sprint. Yeah so you can obviously change the scenarios or add more scenarios whenever required. have fun.

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