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Hello all! Planning to take the exam on Christmas eve!!

Last post 07:07 am January 13, 2017 by Chayan Khawas
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09:50 am December 16, 2016

Hi community!
This is my first post of hopefully many more I'll share with this fantastic group of people! Send you all my best regards!!

Im planning to take the PSM 1 on December 24 of this month (Christmas eve!!!). I've been studying for about 4 months already accelerating rhythm this last month. (excitement growing uncontrollably!!!!! ha) -> see the gif for graphical description. (>_<)m

How im preparing for the examination:

- I started by reading Essential Scrum by Ken Rubin since 4 months ago. (first very slowly and now I go up and down through the book like crazy!!) The book is great ! anybody have thoughts on this book?

- Reading the scrum Guide several times. (don't know how many already)

- Taking the open assessment every day in the last 2 weeks and now im scoring 100% every time.

- Taking the free online test by Mikhail Lapshin. Now Im scoring 96% (still missing some questions)

- Reading the Scrum Master Training Manual by mplaza

- And from today ! posting here in the forum!!

This weekend Im planning to review the Scrum Guide word by word by expanding every meaning on the book. Also Im planning to read thoughtfully the Sprint planning chapter of the book (burndown charts, sprint backlog, etc).

Im also planning to study the Nexus Guide and take the PO open and Dev open assessments.

I would really appreciate on any piece of advice and encouragement words are more than welcome!

See you around, good people!

08:41 am December 21, 2016

Hi you,

my hint: do the open assessments for POs and Developers too until you sore 100% in every time. This helps to understand the other parts of Scrum-Team.



09:46 am December 22, 2016

This is my experience after failing my first exam. Maybe im a slow learner but got some additional advices to add.

I think the open assessment and Mikhail exam only covers about 70% about what the real exam mentions. There are some situations and details that is never even brought up in the Scrum Guide. Therefor I advice you to do some mock exams, they will provide you with some situations you didn't even think about before. Also, as somebody else mentioned on another post, it is great to reflect on the wrong answers and WHY they are wrong. In that way it doesn't become only a memory test.

11:00 am December 22, 2016

Thank you Willy.

I'll make rounds of PO open assessment after reviewing some more detailed literature about the product owner role.
Thank you for the advice ;)

Do you have any thoughts about scaling scrum and the nexus guide?


02:49 am December 23, 2016

Thank you for the advice Magnus.
Is good to know from your experience about the open assessments.
Did you pass the certification already? I wish you you good luck next time. ;)

Im also reading a book titled Essential scrum by Ken Rubin. I think is a great book that explains further many concepts from the scrum guide without much deviation. I recommend it.

Today im reviewing the PO chapter and Sprint planning chapter as well from the book. Also reading the scrum guide one more time and also the Nexus guide.
Don't know if is going to be effective yet but tomorrow morning (Dec 24) Im planning my first try after a good sleep night and some open assessments tries.

10:53 am December 23, 2016

Hi All,

Just cleared PSM1 with 92.5% few minutes back. Thank you forum for the guidance.

12:43 am December 26, 2016

Congratulations Chayan!!

How did you prepare for the test?

I couldn't take the PSM1 test this weekend due to some problems with my credit card on my side. I'll postpone it until the first week of January. I'm going to review some subjects more deeply during new year's holiday.

10:56 am December 26, 2016

Vinicio Anthone,

You pass?

07:07 am December 29, 2016

I believe the best preparation tips I can give is read and try to comprehend the scrum guide and mix that with your real life experience. The actual exam questions were quite tricky and not as straight forward as Open assessment or MLapshin quiz ( helpful though).
All the best !!

01:16 pm January 8, 2017

Hello all!

I would like to share with you that today I passed the PSM 1 with 95%. It was very challenging.

I was surprised mostly by questions regarding cross-functional teams. Also about scrum values!!! (nobody mention this in the forums) there were like two questions regarding scrum values.

My recommendation is to study deeply about the scrum roles also to read the questions posted here in the forum.

Cheers and good luck!

07:07 am January 13, 2017

Yes, Scrum values are latest addition to scrum guide in 2016

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