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EBM and Architecture ?

Last post 08:09 am August 25, 2023 by Jacek Markiewicz
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02:56 pm August 23, 2023

I want to fit the value of having an architecture and development processes into the EBM framework

it seems 

TTM centers around DevOps principles, automation. Leadtime would be reduced by having a standardized development process but architecture is not explicitly stated.

A2I centers more on the actual product and how much time we spend or not on the product, that are encapsualted within the architecture.

My personal opinion is that a "good" architecture enables

- scaling of the product (A2I) and organization (TTM) 

- less time spent on maintaining the product (A2I)

- Architeture + DevOps principles (TTM) provide more sustainable teams and individuals

so is "architecture" part of the product (A2I) or the development process (TTM) ?

How do I clarify and measure the value of having an architecture (in the EBM framework)?

on another note, I dont see "leadership" as part of the EBM framework as well. Arent we dependent on agile leadership to empower, self organizing teams with empathy and psycological safety in order to improve/optimize the flow of Future Value to Current Value?

05:11 pm August 23, 2023

We may perceive a business architecture which influences the development practices you speak of, as well as a product architecture. Significant design decisions of this nature may be connected, perhaps by Conway's Law for example, resulting in technical debt. This may then slow A2I.

Regarding leadership, can you suggest a clear, evidence-based way of measuring it? Agile leadership may be a function of many things.

08:09 am August 25, 2023

There is no doubt that the quality of software architecture has an impact on A2I and T2M. 

As far as looking for evidence and measurements, when measuring the lead team/cycle time, consider asking the developers to assess the impact of the architecture quality

You may want to propose some scale, like

3 - Clear software architecture enabled us to find an elegant solution and implement it smoothly

2 - ...

1 - ...

0 - Poor software architecture doubled or even tripled the effort and forced us to apply a very complicated solution

Collecting this data could be a first step and a deeper analysis can be done for particular cases for better assessment.

Besides, you may want to run some regular surveys regarding the impact of architecture and leadership as well and observe the outcomes and the trends 



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