Type of Questions and exam format (PSM I)

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by Lina Mackeviciene
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04:58 am February 5, 2017

Just took my PSM I test last week and scored 92.5 %. This was first attempt, had some knowledge about scrum and agile but haven't professionally worked on it. Preparation took about 12-15 hours in total spread across 2 weeks. Not necessarily hard if you know what you're doing. Preparation tactics are pretty much similar to what most have mentioned in the forum so i won't play the same tune again. I've given my linkedIn details in my profile here so don't hesitate to reach out if you have a specific question, I'll be happy to help.

Coming back to the topic now, let me break it down into steps:

1. 60-65 questions (out of 80) are either similar or exact same of what you'll come across while practicing mock tests ( open assessment, lapshin, etc. mentioned in other forum topics). So make sure you are scoring 95% plus consistently so you can blaze through ( around 12-15 sec/question) these questions without doubting yourself that it can't be so simple; because it is. You should be able to answer these questions in about 20-25 minutes.

2. Immediately bookmark a question that you don't feel you've come across. Don't waste more than 7-9 sec on such questions. After reading first sentence you'll know that this question is going to take longer, so skip it and come back later.

3. If you follow this strategy you should easily have about 25 minutes for 12-17 questions. You can ponder on these questions without worrying that you'll miss the questions which you might have known.

4. Give special attention to the type of check box, circle means only once correct ans where as a square means more than one answers are possible. Most questions tell you how many correct ans are there (in case of a square box). Some questions might not, so be sharp and don't make a silly mistake.

An additional tip is to attempt the test on a touch screen device (laptop or tablet) as a lot of back and forth will consume some extra 5-7 minutes that you can save using a touch screen !

Good Luck,


04:17 pm February 7, 2017

Congratulations on passing the test! Thank you for the tips