Cleared PSM1 with 95% marks.

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by Kudligi Sadgurunath
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09:55 am February 11, 2017

Hi All,

I am very happy to share that, i have cleared the PSM1 certification with 95% marks. Thanks for every one who is contributing to this forum to help new joiners understand SCRUM better.

My tips :

- Read and absorb each and every lines of SCRUM GUIDE. ( read it thoroughly at-least 4 times).
- no need to read any other study material which explains SCRUM.
- Keep giving all the Open test assessments for all roles ( SM, PO, Dev & NEXUS one ). You should get 100 % in both SM & PO one and at-least 95% on Dev & Nexus one.
- Read Nexus Guide, it will give you more wider context of SCRUM & enhance your view point of SCRUM.
- ( practice this url, it is helpful to revise the SCRUM guide in the form of questions. You should be getting 100 % in this exam mode, before you give the actual exam).
- Read the recommended books in PSM study area ( optional, I haven't read any one).
- Avoid Mplaza or any other money minting source for real preparation.Though Many members got benefited from those.

Keep contributing to this Forum.

09:23 am February 13, 2017

Hi Rahul,

Congrats with the impressive result.

And thank you very much for the tips. I went through the 80 training questions you linked to. I realised I need some extra studying before attending the PSM1! This training session was very helpful revisiting the scrum Guide and learn more about scrum.

Thanks again.

08:24 am February 14, 2017


I passed! :-)

08:40 am February 15, 2017

Thanks Rahul for having commented with details what resources are really useful / relevant.

04:34 pm February 15, 2017

Hi rahul,


I am Prakash, I want to finish PSM 1 certification within one week for my next level in career. Can you please help me with some tips to pass the certification.  will i be able to clear the exam by getting myself thorough with Scrum Guide and by taking assessment link provided by you. Please provide your inputs.



08:04 pm February 15, 2017

Hi Prakash,

Do you currently work with scrum? Are you part of a development team or are you in the Scrum master role? Perhaps both?

If you are then you will find that your day to day exposure (assuming agile principles are adhered to) will help you figure out the questions that are not obviously answered from having read and understood the SCRUM guide.

Brushing up on the guide will however remind you of key words and principles and also the guides vocabulary - that will definaitely help. 

12:12 pm April 15, 2022

Today I have cleared PSM 1 exam with 95%. 

- Understand the scrum guide and read it for 4-5 times.

- Udemy course by Valentine, can give a try. Nice explanation. Can try two mock tests here.

- If you want to take coaching knowledgehut is good and sessions are practically oriented. Thanks to Simran for training us.

- I tried Scrum open and PO open for many times even I get 100%. Got habituated to reading fast, reminding key words and really helped me in managing time.

- Can also try PSM Simulator app in playstore. It give free 2 mocks. Don't bother much about answers or result.

- Write hand written notes, it helps more in reminding things.


This is my PSM1 journey.. All the best and please feel free to reach me out for any queries.

- Sadgurunath.K