Who can replacing Sprint backlog

Last post 07:17 am February 24, 2017
by Ian Mitchell
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06:27 pm February 19, 2017

There is a lot of confusion around sprint backlog. As per my understanding it is owned by the development team and they can modify the sprint backlog. Can somebody help explaning who can replace the sprint backlog items? Also about sprint backlog items, task, work?

04:31 pm February 21, 2017

Development team

02:41 pm February 23, 2017

Only the development team best knows how to tackle sprint backlog items and decompose them further into tasks. If they are lost then they can take help of the product owner and as well as the stakeholders to clarify their questions through out the sprint. 

Short answer is "The development team"

07:17 am February 24, 2017

The Sprint Backlog is the Development Team's forecast of the work they need to do to meet the Sprint Goal. The Goal was agreed with the Product Owner during Sprint Planning and cannot be changed. The Sprint Backlog is wholly owned by the Development Team and they can replan it as they see fit to better achieve the Goal, including replacing items.

If any selected Product Backlog Items are replaced then the PO ought to be consulted in order to confirm that the agreed Goal does indeed remain unaffected. This collaboration also allows the PO to revise the Product Backlog as necessary and to appraise stakeholders.