Passed PSM I with 97,5% experiences

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by Ran Meng
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07:53 am February 27, 2017


I just passed PSM I exam out of a first try. Just wanted to share my experience as it was helpful to me to read advices here.

I read Scrum Guide over and over until I thought I know it all.


Then I started doing Open Assesment to figure I was not learning the Guide detailed enough. Then I have restudied the Guide thinking and marking the sentences that could be in the test... that are more important. 


Then I have done Open Assesment until I could score 100% in less than 5 minutes.


I have also read Nexus Gudie and have done Open assesment for Product Owner and Developer. The Developer one made no sense and PO one had some questions that made sense. There I could not achieve 100% and did not care.

On the test I had around 20-25 questions from Open Assesment, 7-8 questions from Scaling Scrum (that you can not know from the Scrum Guide only, but need to read Nexus Guide).


From the other tests I found only mlashkin one beneficial and without mistakes.

Good luck to others and thank you all for sharing your experiences and knowledge here!


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Congrats Vladimir!

I want to take PSM 1 as soon as possible.

For practice: I have read Scrum Guide 5-6 times, did only Scrum master open assessment and have obtained 100 % almost all the times but offcourse not in less than 5 minutes like you.

From your blog, i could understand that going through PO open assessment and Nexus Guide would also be helpful...Could you please help me with more tips...please



02:07 am March 7, 2017

congrats! what do you plan to do next?

07:03 am March 7, 2017

Congrats Vladimir!


I have also cleared PSM I certification with 76/80(95%) two days back.. I would like to share some of my
preparation experience.

I think focused study for 2 weeks is sufficient for clearing this exam.

I have found following resources very useful in clearing:

1.Scrum guide : each and every statement is important. It is important to understand its meaning,
reasons behind each statement.

2. Scrum training material by management plaza
It is very nicely framed material. I have studied it for multiple times.It is free on following site

3. All the open assesments at I have solved assesments given for PO and Development also.
These are helpful for clearing our concept.

4. Free sample test

5. Read the blogs from various sites. I really got very useful tips on those.

one I found useful is…

6. Last but important. I got a lot of help from paid sample tests from mplaza.

I got coupon code "manas-agile" and got 20% discount.

These tests are very similar to real ones. I have solved 3 sample tests for atleast 2-3 times and it
helped a lot!!! I felt confident after giving these tests.

All the very best!!!!!

05:10 pm March 7, 2017

Thanks Neha for the valuable information! I will definitely try these before exam.



06:40 am March 9, 2017

Hi all...

Congratulation Vladimir !! :)

Reading the comment here, I want to share my experience during my PSM 1 certification.

Please click: Preparing Your Professional Scrum Master 1


Happy reading :)

07:47 am March 14, 2017

@Nick I am preparing now for the PMP exam.

I have desires to go deeper into Scrum and write more about it on my blog, but I want to hurry with PMP because new PMBOK is coming out and then it will take some time until all the preparation materials are updated.

I do not plan to take any more certificates about Scrum as I do not see them relevant for my career.


04:00 pm July 26, 2017

Thanks for your tips; exteremely helpful!

With just under a year PO and SM experience I failed the PSM I last month.

Focusing on the tips above and especially on the MPlaza mock exams for the last week made a difference:2 days ago I passed the PSM I wih 95%, this morning I passed the PSPO I with 91%.

My next target is SPS :)

11:32 am September 24, 2017

Thanks Vladimir for all your useful tips!!!

Good luck with your PMP certificate.

12:02 am January 21, 2018

Congratulations on your certifications @vladimir, @pratibha, @ronJansen. I hope you all succeed in your future plans of profession as well. all the above comments are of great help for me to go through before taking the certification exam for PSM1. Any suggestions and advises on cracking PSPO?

Thanks & regards,

Arifali Shaik.

01:02 am January 29, 2018


I attempted PSM1 certification today and failed, got 82.5%.

I went through Scrum guide and taken open assessments many a times securing almost 100% each time.

Unfortunately, I didn't clear. But I will again try with more preparation as suggested by above people and make sure that I clear next time.

Thank you for your guidance.

06:25 pm February 2, 2018

Followed tips in this thread and passed my PSMI assessment at first attempt today with 95% of score, and so want to share my experience here.

1. Read the Scrum Guide more than 3 times between practicing different assessments; read the Nexus guide once, along with the free training manual from mplaza

2. Took the open assessment many times till be able to constantly receive 100% of score

3. Took the free assessment here several times

Btw, this is a good one, donate a few dollars if you like it.

4. Took the paid simulation test from mplaza, it looks that they provides coupon over and over time, so don't forget to do a simple search for it. I saved 5 pounds with few clicks. The introduction to the real assessment, and the tips for preparing for it, are also very helpful beside the sample tests, I suggest everyone spending some time to read through them rather than just taking the sample questions.

So, that's it! Good luck everyone.


Ran Meng