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Implementing Agile in a Software production support environment

Last post 06:03 pm November 22, 2023 by Marvin Ynte
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09:50 am November 20, 2023

So we are about to implement Scrum or (Scrumban) on our teams in our organization. Just a brief background, we are providing support to an in-house software. Purely support. The development is handled by a different team. 

I'd like to hear your thoughts on how I can present Agile on a team who just focus on closing as many tickets as possible. 

11:27 am November 20, 2023

What outcomes are organizational leadership hoping to achieve by means of agile practice?

12:46 pm November 20, 2023

I have never seen Scrum work effectively for a Production Support team. The Scrum framework doesn't fit well in chaotic environments. Most cannot plan their day, and forget about planning a one-week Sprint, because they have to respond to the latest crisis. It's almost impossible to have a Sprint Goal.

You asked about presenting Agile as well, which is different than Scrum. Could you start by explaining the Agile Manifesto's four values and twelve principles? Then have an open conversation with the team. Ask the team which of the principles they feel they can support and which ones they may need help with. You could also tie the question Ian asked back to the values and principles.

04:08 pm November 20, 2023

I'd like to hear your thoughts on how I can present Agile on a team who just focus on closing as many tickets as possible. 

Start with explaining the definition of the word agile.  It is an adjective that means "able to move with quick easy grace". As a support organization, your entire world is based upon what is happening right now and how quickly you can enact a change to make everything better. Also introduce the philosophical concept of empiricism.  It is that there is no inherent knowledge and all knowledge comes through learning.  Everything an individual does it so that they can learn.  Do something, inspect the outcome, learn from it, adapt if necessary. 

That is agile presented.  Notice I said and used the word "agile" (lower case a) and not "Agile" (upper case A).  That is because Agile is a marketing term created by individuals and organizations that wanted to capitalize on the philosophy of the Manifesto for agile software development.  What companies need and want in today's world is the ability to be agile (i.e. adapt to change quickly) and not Agile (the ability to follow instructions that someone made up in order to convince others that they were worth paying a fee to talk to them). 

06:03 pm November 22, 2023

Sorry for the late reply but thank you for all your feedback, guys! I'll share my journey here as I get into more discussions! 

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