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Metrics: what things are you running analyses on?

Last post 09:03 am November 23, 2023 by Kenneth Fallesen Jørgensen
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02:02 pm November 21, 2023


In my company i am working at we have a Scrum community of practice. where next time we meet i have to talk about Metrics statistics  and Scrum reports, and i just wanted to ask what reports are you using and what are the output from them. 

Personally i am ag big user of the Estimated effort report in Azure devops. where you look at "yesterdays weather" and see the average amount of Effort you should plan in the comming sprint. 


02:50 pm November 21, 2023

I still get night sweats thinking about the time I had to recommend metrics to a community of Scrum practitioners and leaders. If these Scrum reports are to be used outside the Scrum Team, sharing team-level metrics will cause great angst.

I highly recommend never sharing team-level metrics in reports, such as vanity metrics (eg.s velocity, committed/completed effort). "Yesterday's weather" is fine for Sprint Planning capacity. And as far as reports go, I am not a fan as any metric should be followed by a conversation. I also favor looking at trends.

You're better off focusing on metrics such as value, time to market, and ability to innovate. Have a look at EBM:


All the best


04:03 pm November 21, 2023

Going to agree with @Chris.  I personally do not look at metrics of any kind that I will share outside of the team for which it is measuring.  Since every team is different, it only causes issues when teams start trying to compare themselves using the metrics. This isn't like sports where each team is trying to "win more games than the other". 

I will admit that for individual teams I will look at flow metrics like throughput, cycle time.  These can be used to help forecast future work.  Similar to the "Yesterday's weather" report you use. I'm a fan of Daniel S. Vacanti's books. He has a new one out that I haven't read yet but the first two gave me some valuable information that I use regularly.

04:11 pm November 21, 2023

what reports are you using and what are the output from them

Clear actions for those being reported to, principally the removal of systemic organizational impediments to agile practice, and metrics or measures where possible regarding the cost of impact.

Reporting hierarchies are symptomic of weak servant leadership, and expectations ought to be set in each report concerning mitigation.

09:03 am November 23, 2023

Thanks for the feed back.

 i should have specified. that it is only a presentation to other scrum masters in the company. so we can inspire each other to new tools and help each others  with problems just like this forum. 

I will try to get the point across that what ever metrics report or analyses you use it is important that it is for the team by the team. and not something that should be reported out side since no team is the same and that it is easy for top management to use such reports for micro management.  

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