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PSPO Simulators

Last post 10:15 pm November 27, 2020 by Ioana Miruna Tataru
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03:17 am March 21, 2017

Hi I studied the scrum guide and some reference documents. But the questions in the Real exam and the Guide are quite different.

  • Can some one suggest on the PSPO simulators
  • I tried mplaza simulator but still the questions in the PSPO exams are not covered
  • Where can I get details for Velocity, value, scrum of scrum, organization influencing PO etc. are not covered.

02:21 pm March 21, 2017


just check it one more time, what they're writing on the MPlaza:

"Assuming that most of you have already taken the PSM I exam, the following grouping would make it easier for you to understand what to expect in the exam:
  1. About 55% of the PSPO I questions are the usual questions you see in the PSM I exam
  2. About 20% of the PSPO I questions are special PSM I questions that do not show up a lot in the PSM I exam
  3. About 25% of the PSPO I questions do not exist in the PSM I exam
So, if you’re good at PSM I exam, you just need a little more to pass the PSPO I exam.
This package of simulated exams are similar to the actual exam. They might be a little harder, because we’ve increased the number of questions from the second and third group; after all, it’s for practicing. However, we didn’t overdo it by creating simulated exams that are much harder than the actual one."

Just take the PSM I mock-up exams, and you're ready to go.


05:23 pm March 21, 2017

Peter, I agree with those aproximate numbers.  It makes sense too.  A Product Owner's tasks are mostly boxed into:

  • Dealing with stakeholders
  • Dealing with the backlog
  • Task delegation and large teams
  • Working within the Scrum structure to attend events and meetings

The last item is probably the largest, and a Scrum Master should be able to facilitate all of those tasks.

I would still recommend the Product Owner Open and Nexus Open assessments for the tasks not typically covered by the Scrum Master.  I'd also skim the Nexus Guide to better understand how a Product Owner might interact with a large, multi-team product and what differences and similarities exist between single-team and multi-team backlogs.

12:17 pm March 22, 2017


After passing PSM I exam, I used the book "The Professional Scrum Product Owner  Guide to Pass PSPO 1 Certification" (Mohammed Musthafa Soukath Ali) and the Mplaza PSPO test. Then, I passed PSPO I yesterday with 95%. 



11:02 pm March 23, 2017

Hi all , Thanks for the information. 


I need a clarification, 

  1. Can the product owner requested by the team to be presented all the time or is it okay to PO that Development  understand what is value of  next increment to be released by the team. 
  2. I understand the PO can be a represented by a Committee,In that case can PO has authority to take decisions or still he need to get permission from committee for each activity 

03:49 pm July 8, 2017

I fully agree with Peter's comment as i saw that in my own experience.

My target was to pass PSPO1 and for that first of all i bought their PSM1 prep bundle, pass the exam with 96.3% and only after that tried their PSPO1 simulated exams just to be sure that i will be able pass it as well. And i can say for sure that they are even harder and if you pass it mostly you will pass the real exam as well. But make sure to pass all the time with 100% on open assessments both for scrum open and Product Owner.

Good luck!

02:37 am November 18, 2017


I have recently done PSM-1 certification and was wondering if PSPO is something which can add more value to my profile. I have worked as Scrum Master and would like to work as same, so i am not sure if PSPO is any valuable certification for me.


i would like any feedback you may have for me/

03:54 am November 19, 2017

Hi All,

I recently passed my PSPO exam with 91%, three weeks earlier I passed my PSM exam with 97%. I used the exam simulator from Management Plaza. For the PSPO exam, I would say at least 65-70% of the questions in the Simulator were very similar to the questions in the actual exam.

I bought just the simulator questions. Highly recommended.

Good luck to all. ;) 


03:31 pm June 13, 2018

Is using the to prepare for the PSPO 1 exam recomended or shall I say approved by 

05:36 pm June 13, 2018

Jennifer, I don't believe will endorse or approve any resource that is not created by one of their trainers. As with all external resources, remember that if it is not 100% created or endorsed by the entity facilitating the exam; it should be used with an understanding that there will be differences between it and the actual exam content.

09:23 pm June 13, 2018

Hi to all,

I guess if somebody wants to pass PSM 1 or PSPO 1 exam simulators are very good idea. For PSPO 2 and PSM 2 of course exam simulators are not the appropriate way to pass exams. But of course you have to choose good exam simulator. 

I've passed PSPO 1 and honestly exam simulator from helped me. 

07:01 am June 14, 2018

Is using the to prepare for the PSPO 1 exam recomended or shall I say approved by

I followed the advice at and passed on second try.  I didn't pay for any exam simulator.

I didn't like the feeling that I have to "guess" what the PSPO I question setter has on his/her mind as scenario, very subjective culturally (cultural relativism) as I'm from Asia.

06:00 pm October 24, 2019

I used mplaza to help with both PSM 1 and PSPO 1. I don't think you need them to pass the exam, but they definitely helped me score > 95% on both exams.

05:29 pm October 31, 2019

Hi all,


I am working towards my PSM - 1 and PSPO - 1 certification, I am currently going through the volkerdon and Mikhail Lapshin for sample exams and simulation. I am scoring around 87 - 97% each attempt. Would it be recommended to go for the exam?



Kaushik S

02:42 pm November 8, 2019

Hello Kaushik Subbaratnam,

Hope your preparation is going well ( or done with the exam already!?)

I am also preparing for PSPO I and exactly in the same situation.

Would like to know whether you gave the exam and how difficult it is?



07:29 am November 11, 2019

Hi Raju

Thanks for your wishes, I have not given my try yet. Please look at the comments from the members for a detailed insight of how they prepared and probably that would help. I am trying to mix up my path so not convinced that I am ready to take PSPO yet.


Kaushik S

02:30 pm October 31, 2020

I have followed the below steps to pass PSPO I with 96.3% in 2 weeks 1. Read Scrum Guide & EBM Guide 2. 3.… from Valentin Despa 4. Continue from point 1 till you get >98% from all the practice exams

10:15 pm November 27, 2020

I suggest understanding the Scrum Framework and Product Owner role, rather than doings lots of practice tests. Another good source are: Product Owner Learning Path ( and Scrum blogs (search for "product" keyword). 

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