Who is absolutely necessary for one of these meetings?

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by Olivier Ledru
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03:21 pm March 23, 2017


which persons/roles are for one of these meetings absolutely necessary?

I think these, but I am not sure.

Sprint Plannung Meeting: PO and Dev. Team
Daily Scrum Meeting: Dev. Team
Sprint Review Meeting: PO, Dev. Team, Scrum Master, Stakeholder(s)
Sprint Retrospective: Dev. Team, Scrum Master
Backlog Refinement Meeting: PO, Team

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02:09 pm March 24, 2017

What does the Scrum Guide say about attendance at these events? When it mentions "Scrum Team", which roles do you think are thereby referenced?

05:28 am March 27, 2017

Scrum Team = {Product Owner, Dev Team, Scrum Master}

So, I think it's important to note that Scrum Team != Development Team.

11:52 am March 27, 2017

Thank you for the advice. Sprint plannung meeting was wrong. Backlog Refinement Meeting, I am not sure:
Sprint Review: The Scrum Team and stakeholders
Sprint Plannung Meeting: The Scrum Team
Sprint Retrospective: The Scrum Team
Daily Scrum Meeting: Dev. Team
Backlog Refinement Meeting: The Scrum Team

03:03 pm April 6, 2017

I'm wondering about Backlog Refinement because of:

Product Backlog refinement is the act of adding detail, estimates, and order to items in the Product Backlog. This is an ongoing process in which the Product Owner and the Development Team collaborate on the details of Product Backlog items. During Product Backlog refinement, items are reviewed and revised. The Scrum Team decides how and when refinement is done.

So does this mean PO and Dev team should be there, or the whole Scrum Team (so also the Scrum Master)?

06:03 pm April 6, 2017

Bouke, what role does the Scrum Master play in these meetings?  Does the Scrum Master have any stake or ownership over the backlogs?  If not, are there other things the Scrum Master could facilitate with, such as rituals or tools support backlog refinement?  And lastly, would the meeting be just as effective without the Scrum Master present?

From the context, it sounds as though the Scrum Master is required to be present for the planning of when refinement happens, but not necessarily for the refinement itself.  Those are two separate items.

But you specifically asked whether the whole scrum team should be there, to which I'd say yes.  The Scrum Master as a facilitator and coach is valuable in every Scrum event, even if they aren't required to be there.

07:47 am April 7, 2017

Thank you for your reply Jason :)

01:05 am September 21, 2017

Hi Folks,

I have re-read the thread completely. I am still confused, whether scrum master needs to be available for

backlog refinement when it happens?

From the context of the answers, i feel yes, he should be present? Is it?

08:44 pm September 21, 2017

Have you considered that the Scrum Master might need to use discretion, and be present in Product Backlog refinement in some cases, and not in others?

What sort of things do you think a Scrum Master might assist with in refinement? Under what circumstances might he or she let the Development Team and Product Owner just get on with the event by themselves?

07:32 am September 23, 2017

The Scrum Guide states that the Scrum Master serves the PO/DevTeam/Organization in several ways, including :

  • Facilitating Scrum events as requested or needed.


  • Leading and coaching the organization in its Scrum adoption;