Scaled Scrum need PSM 2 or PSPO?

Last post 08:53 pm October 29, 2019
by Luis Millán González
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12:40 am March 26, 2017

Does one need to have knowledge in PSM 2 or PSPO 1 in order to take the Scaled Scrum test? What is the best reading materials needed for this test?

04:28 am March 27, 2017

I have not taken the SPS as of this reply, but I have certified as a PSM II and PSPO I.  I would not consider PSPO I to be particularly relevant to the SPS certification.  Most exams on this site do have a heavy overlap with the PSM certification line.  The PSM 2 likely goes above the knowledge level you'd need for the SPS, but PSM 1 resources would correlate strongly with Nexus topics.  Nexus is all about scaling scrum, so understanding how Scrum functions before scaling it is important to develop a baseline.

For resources, this site has two main references you should be looking at, besides the Scrum Guide and Nexus Guide.  First, review Ways to Learn About Scrum, particularly from the Scrum Master perspective.  Second, review the Nexus Resources.

Be sure to practice both the Nexus Open and the Scrum Open exams.

08:51 am March 28, 2017

As I've taken PSM II, PSPO I and SPS I can say that you won't need PSM II, nor PSPO I to pass SPS. But you need to be very fit on PSM I and have a very detailed understanding of the Nexus Guide.

I used to work at a company which adapted the Nexus Framework and after a year I thought I'd be ready to take the SPS exam. But I failed, as the company modified many subtle things in the adaptation of the Nexus Framework. Studying Scrum and especially Nexus Guide again helped me passing SPS a while later. After taking the open exam 2-3 times of course.

08:41 am June 12, 2017

I am about to take PSM 2 and I am pretty confident about all topics but I have not spend much time on Nexus guide. Will this be a problem?

08:04 pm June 12, 2017

Muhammad, I highly recommend spending some time on the Nexus Guide, and perhaps making a few attempts at the Nexus Open.  While the questions on the PSM II may not focus on the specifics of Nexus, you'll want to know enough about Nexus to understand how to work with other scrum masters on the same product, or even how to handle work that may overlap between two teams simultaneously.

As a PSM II, you may not be managing Nexus events, but you might find yourself managing a Nexus team.  Understanding how your team fits into the bigger framework can only help you.

08:47 am June 15, 2017

Hi Jason,

Thanks! I passed the PSM II but was quite surprised by the number of scaled scrum (nexus) related question. I don't see how someone can pass PSM II without having a good understanding of Nexus. I will actually recommend doing PSM I, Nexus and then PSM II.



02:17 pm October 26, 2017

Hi Muhammad,

Any tips you have for PSM II preparation. I am planning to take PSM II sometime before end of this year.



10:37 am October 29, 2019

Hi all,

So, in your opinion the sugested order to achieve PSM II it's to manage correctly SPS first, isn't it? :) 

I'm looking for PSM II too and I need to know the best first step to do. I downloaded the 8 stances of a SM and information regarding burn-down chart, but I guess the main point to focus the our enfort is the Nexus guide.