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No one take the tasks in sprint planning

Last post 05:23 pm January 30, 2024 by Daniel Wilhite
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11:45 am January 28, 2024

Please dream it 

We are in a sprint planning meeting. PBI's ordered and prioritized. Developers are talking about pbis. But anyone dont take the tasks in sprint planning. And then scrum master or product owner assign tasks to people.  I know its not scrum. But in a this situation what do you suggest. 

How is it going in your sprint plan ? Tell me more please 

12:03 pm January 30, 2024

Why do you need to take or assign work to people at Sprint Planning?

The only work that needs to be taken at Sprint Planning is enough to get to the next Daily Scrum. There's no need to have all work for the whole Sprint assigned. In fact, doing so may be counter-productive, since the Sprint Backlog may change as the team learns more about what work must be done to achieve the Sprint Goal.

If the Scrum Master and/or Product Owner didn't assign work, would the team make any progress between the end of Sprint Planning and the next Daily Scrum? If not, what would cause them to not make progress? That would be an interesting problem to solve.

05:19 pm January 30, 2024

But anyone dont take the tasks in sprint planning. And then scrum master or product owner assign tasks to people.

Scrum is based on work being pulled, not pushed. It would be better if Developers pulled the work to them as and when it needs doing during the Sprint.

Bear in mind that the work they identify in Sprint Planning is just a forecast of what they think they need to do to meet their Sprint Goal commitment. That forecast might change, and they ought to be able to adapt day by day with it.

05:23 pm January 30, 2024

As @Thomas said, the only tasks that matter would be the ones that the Developers will work on until their next Daily Scrum.  Assigning tasks for the entire Sprint at the beginning limits the Developer's abilities to adapt to new found information. I actually advocate against creating tasks and let the Sprint Backlog Item represent the work that will be done.  Let the Developer's collaborate as they feel necessary to create the solution for the items in the Sprint Backlog. 

I assume that you have discussed this with the Developers on the team.  What was their response to the way you described above?  Do they feel like they still have the autonomy to create the increment(s) as they feel is proper or do they feel like the Product Owner and Scrum Master are micro-managing their work?  

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