Virtual Teams in Scrum Model

Last post 10:42 am April 7, 2017
by Tadooru Sreenivasulu
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03:46 pm April 4, 2017

Is Scrum model is applicable for virtual Team? if so how daily scrum,sprint review and sprint retrospective happen? by using conferences?

Please comment on this.



06:31 pm April 4, 2017

Whatever a "virtual team" means in your situation, you can expect that it will demonstrate virtual teamwork. By definition it won't be real teamwork, otherwise it would be a real team.

What do you think the consequences of that might be? Is the team still expected to produce real increments of real value?

05:08 am April 5, 2017

Thanks for the reply...By using virtual teams in Scrum(not co-located) may reduce product increment delivery significantly.

due to communication with long distance and due to communication blockers etc.

Since Scrum team is Self-Organised and Cross-Functional , it should support i guess...

as i have not seen working  as virtual teams in scrum.

So the question is does SCRUM supports virtual teams working style?

04:14 pm April 5, 2017

Scrum is a framework. It can be implemented poorly or well. By correctly pointing out that non co-location "may reduce product increment delivery significantly", I think you've answered your own question about the degree to which it is supported.

10:42 am April 7, 2017

Thanks and completely agree with you.