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advise on message as per scrum

Last post 04:54 pm February 20, 2024 by Daniel Wilhite
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10:19 pm February 18, 2024

Hi following message was posted on slack in a telco company, the slack is used informally for day to day communications,

the background is the team created a process documented it, presented and on several occasions shared the details with end users,

the process is almost 3-4 years old, during ticket handling a developer gets overwhelmed by the number of incoming tickets regarding the process, it seems end-users requests are not aligned with the process despite numerous communications on each ticket as well as overall, the end-user's are making mistakes due to which a ticket goes back and forth between developer and end user as requirements are not met, or the excel sheet for the process has too many silly mistakes, there is also pressure from end-users as well as their scrum master and P.O to get things done asap, end users approve the tickets but dont point out logical infrastructural mistakes which eventually developer has to debug.

developer struggles with these tickets, does communicate one-one on jira on some tickets, but it takes alot of effort and time, and then writes the following message:

(this message was shared with same company/department people, on slack which is more casual and less formal than emails)

"""Dear XXXX users, your attention please,
XXXXXX is a simple process, user adds entries we deploy and its all done,but it becomes a tiring, lengthy and a difficult process when there are mistakes from users filling in the sheet,

1- please before creating a story for XXXXXX, get all required approvals so we dont have to ask again, you can get them by emails for example,
2- before pasting in the excel sheet just completely unhighlight everything
add your rows and make sure you dont leave any spaces before/after each cell entry
3- make sure row that you are addind isnt already present in the sheet, keeping duplications to zero
4- make sure to corss reference anything you add in sheets, for ex if you put a user-role mapping make sure first if XXX is present and XXX is present in repective sheets before adding your XXXXX mapping we will discuss internallly within the team to have a more straight-forward/strict way of handling incomplete requests,

as incomplete requests waist alot of time, effort and alot of trouble while debugging over and again.
in general ticket arent picked up unless everything is in place first, and users have double checked the sheets they are adding"""

As per Scrum:

please share your opinions on the situation, responsibility of scrum master, developer and nature of message itself,

as developer was later advised on improving communication skills. and there was no assertive push-back from management of developer's team 


07:59 pm February 19, 2024

I don't see anything "as per Scrum" here.

Does anyone actually want to implement Scrum in the situation you describe? If so, what outcomes are they looking for?

12:41 am February 20, 2024

so do you think scrum should:

  • facilitate communication between end users and developers so both sides are aligned.
  • gather feedback from both parties on difficulties, and bridge the gaps.
  • help team plan on iterative enhancement of process as well as documentation.
  • continous monitoring and improvement of the situation 
  • advocating teams needs to higher management if developers are constantly getting frustrated by non compliance.

    for the developer:

    1-developer communicated the process with openness as to challenges faced

    2- expected facilitation from scrum master



04:54 pm February 20, 2024

Like @Ian, I'm not sure I see anything related to the Scrum framework.  It sounds very political in nature. It also seems that the developers want the end users to do a lot of the work that I would expect them to do.  For example, the quality assurance that everything works properly.  "end users approve the tickets but dont point out logical infrastructural mistakes which eventually developer has to debug" makes it sound like the developers do not feel like they should be responsible for the quality of the work that they do.

Can you please elaborate on what it is that you want us to provide? Since this appears to be an issue with internal communications and process, I am not sure what the Scrum framework has to do with the question.

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