Achieved 86% in PSM-1 certification appeared in first attempt

Last post 03:58 pm April 9, 2017
by Vaquas Qureshi
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11:35 pm April 6, 2017


Happy to share the my PSM-1 certification results to further improve and contribute in the forum. I have passed PSM-1 certification exam in first attempt with 86% today which is satisfactory, however my score is not very encouraging in Coaching and Facilitation subject area, there were many questions and of course not able to review the answers now, but would like to improve in this subject area to be appear in future PSM-2, any suggestions would be appreciated.



01:11 pm April 8, 2017

Congrats Shovindra!

What study material did you refer apart from SG & MPlaza free Scrum training manual?