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How to keep oversight and overview with 3 Scrum Teams?

Last post 04:48 pm May 14, 2024 by Ian Mitchell
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07:35 am May 14, 2024

Hello all, 

Since 2 months, I have been working with a new company department, switching from guiding 2 Scrum Teams to guiding 3 Scrum Teams. 

Besides feeling another dose of imposter syndrome, I notice i have trouble managing my workload and creating oversight for myself. I've already communicated I will visit 2 Dailies every day, will do every Retrospective when possible, and make a list of what I think would be improvements for the team. I made a 30-60-90 day plan for myself, note down a lot of information and checked some boxes of said plan. 

Yet, I notice myself experiencing fatigue more and trouble coming up with a dedicated plan for each of the three teams. I have yet to plan 1-1 introductory meetings with the 3rd team. 

However, I notice it's a lot - coaching a more inexperienced PO, setting structures within 2 of the 3 teams, Department-Scrum Master sessions, and a bi-weekly session with the PO and Manager of the Devs. 

Do you have any advice / best practices how to cope with this situation? 

Thanks in advance!

Best, Edward


11:23 am May 14, 2024

Having some more context is key.

Are these 3 teams working on a single product? Or are there multiple products involved?

Why are you planning on attending Daily Scrums? Unless you're being asked to facilitate or you're also taking on the accountabilities of a Developer, there's no reason for you to attend. There are good reasons to attend, but in order to be there, I would expect an explicit invitation from the teams.

Why are you coming up with a plan for the teams? Why are the teams not developing their own plans to improve?

Why do you need to set up these various sessions with people on the team? Is this something that you're being asked to do by the people on the team? Is it a response to a specific improvement?

11:47 am May 14, 2024

I think this situation need to be discussed with your manager and tell them why it will need more coaching time for each team with the current maturity.This means not finding time to attend the scrum ceremonies of all teams, but to coach them how the sprint cycles can be done effectively without you being with them full time.

04:48 pm May 14, 2024

Have you agreed a transformation backlog of some kind with the higher-ups, so this workload can be visualized and managed, and are you meeting every day with these sponsors to discuss progress and to enlist their assistance?

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