PSM 2 Preparation : what is accetable approach for coaching and training individuals, teams and organization

Last post 10:22 am May 5, 2017
by sami hadhri
10:22 am May 5, 2017

Hi all,

I'm in a preparing phase to pass PSM 2 and I'm not sure with some of the expected behaviors and answers regarding how making sure Scrum understood and enacted. In my personal experience I rely a lot on "coaching posture" with active listening techniques, open questionning to get people to realize and understand where they want to go and how they are going to resolve their issues. And I'm truly convinced that this approach is much more powerful than advising or teaching.

Now in a context of PSM 2 certification, two things I'm not sure about :

  1. is "one-to-one coaching" a recommended or acceptable approach to act on team member or stakeholder doing things wrong ? I tried this in the past and It did not worked well all the time. Basically when the request is coming from the person it is ok But when as a Scrum master I ask to have a coaching session with a team member it could be perceived as a "blame session".
  2. Using retrospective to do formal learning : It seems not acceptable for me since this is not the purpose of retrospective. But meantime taking as retrospective subject one Scrum item and dig deep into it to look for ways to improve is something I did and it works well. What is your opinion ?

All insights and inputs are welcome.


Sami H.