Technical Writer in Scrum Team

Last post 01:47 pm May 12, 2017
by Ratna Bikram Adhikari
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04:16 am May 10, 2017

What is a best way to have technical writer in scrum team? We are trying to build some documents for end users and these are not the engineering documents. Our objective is to have some documents prepared for each releases.

I'm unable to visualize how does it work if we have to incorporate technical writer in same scrum team. 

Any suggestions?

02:44 pm May 10, 2017

Why not begin by framing the technical writing tasks which will be needed to create an increment of release quality? For example, those tasks which are specific to a particular Sprint might reasonably go on the relevant Sprint Backlog. Those which apply to all Sprint increments might reflect more general quality considerations which ought to be articulated in the Definition of Done.

It would then become a matter of ensuring that the Development Team has enough Developers with the appropriate skills to accomplish that work. In Scrum, a team should be encouraged to self-organize around the work which needs to be done as much as possible.

04:39 pm May 10, 2017

Thanks Ian. 

Actually I thought of couple of options but not sure which could be the better option to start with.

1) Creating documentation task against each user story and have this included in DoD. So, done user stories should also have documentation completed. But we have resource constraints at the moment and I don't see this option working because we have multiple products and multiple Sprints.

2) Creating separate user stories for documentation and get them sized and include in the regular Sprints. If we do so, does it really make sense to merge business user stories and documentation stories in same sprint. I'm not comfortable merging it because sizing documentation stories and business stories are completely different. Also ideally, documentation might need additional day or two to finalize the documentation once development completes. Where do we engage development team during this period?

3) Creating separate Sprints for documentation. In this case, same project will have development and documentation Sprints.

Could you please share your ideas?

01:10 pm May 12, 2017

Creating documentation tasks against each user story and including this in the DoD would be in line with my suggestion. But do you think:

  • separate "user stories" for documentation, or
  • a separate "sprint" for documentation

would represent the proper use of either user stories or sprints?


01:47 pm May 12, 2017

I appreciate your feedback Ian. As I said, we have a resource constraint at the moment. One tech writer can't be divided in 4-5 Sprints. I think I would go with separate project for documentation until I sort out the resource constraint issue and let the regular Sprints move ahead.