Where is the best real Scrum in Europe?

Last post 09:15 pm May 29, 2017
by David Soriano
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09:44 am May 28, 2017

I´ll try to ask deeply, with more details....

Here, in Spain, Scrum is good, ok ...but I´ll like to work abroad when I get my PSM certification...so, I´like to know one good european country where Scrum and Agile Methologies are accepted by the bussiness professionals and I could learn and grow as Scrum Master.

Here, no too much people know about Scrum and its benefits, so we are only person who move post-its on a board and doesn´t work.

Which european country you recommend me? Where would you say: "David, for me, if you want to learn the best Scrum way...go to...XXXX...Sweden maybe? Some friends told me that Sweden...If you want to learn real Scrum, then go Sweden...


David S.

12:00 pm May 29, 2017

I don't think that asking for a specific country is the way to go. The only thing you'll be able to learn best in Sweden is Swedish. If you want to work in a real agile environment, you should search by company. Kununu or LinkedIn might be good places to see which companies are hiring Scrum Masters. And from there, check the company's website. Most small to mid-size software companies truly living scrum do state this fact on their website, committing to agile in general, scrum and its values.

09:15 pm May 29, 2017

Thanks Steven...I´ll follow your words.

A friend of mine told me about Sweden...city with a lot of start-ups and a good place where to learn good Scrum.

But anyway...I must learn a lot yet! :)