Can SCRUM Master be interacted with other than team members regarding team deadlines for a Sprint

Last post 01:21 pm June 29, 2017
by Timothy Baffa
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08:32 am June 28, 2017

SCRUM Master can be interacted with other than team regarding team deadlines.

If there is a situation occurs for Scrum Master, regarding sprint completed tasks\user stories timelines, and resource is not OK for given timelines to test application. And he mailed to his Lead,  when i am asking scrum team resource, here Lead is not member of Scrum Team. Can scrum master directly interact with Lead for team member deadlines for discussion.  



09:39 pm June 28, 2017

If I understand the scenario correctly, a Lead (i.e. - subject matter expert) external to the Development Team is needed by them to complete sprint work and/or meet the sprint goal.   To date, this Lead has not been responsive to previous team communications.   This sounds like an impediment, and it is the responsibility of the Scrum Master to do whatever they reasonably can to help resolve it.


In my opinion, the Scrum Master should definitely try and reach out to this Lead, on behalf of the Development Team, to try to facilitate communication between them.   I would not suggest that the Scrum Master insert themselves into the issue by meeting with the Lead separately, since that just adds complexity and waste.


If the Scrum Master is unsuccessful in their attempts to facilitate communication between the Lead and the Development Team, they should have an escalation strategy to make the impediment as visible as possible, so that the organization is aware of the issue and can take steps to remedy it.


I would also ask whether such dependencies (Lead input) were identified and discussed prior to the Development Team accepting the story into the sprint.   If not, that would make for a good discussion during the retrospective.


05:40 am June 29, 2017

If a Development Team member has difficulty with testing timelines, then he or she should collaborate with team members to find a remedy. The Scrum Master ought to facilitate that process.

Appealing to a non-team member (such as the so-called "Lead"), instead of looking for a solution within the team, is not a valid scenario in Scrum.

01:21 pm June 29, 2017

+1 (Ian).   Agreed.   If we're accurate in our understanding of the situation, it represents a dependency (testing) that doesn't support the Development Team's ability to solely complete the item.  


That raises many questions around the Scrum Team's DoR, their Sprint Planning practices, the skill set of the Development Team, why such dependencies and "handoffs" are still supported, etc.