Retrospecting PSM 1 Assessment- 70/80

Last post 12:53 pm June 28, 2017
by Anuj Merchant
12:53 pm June 28, 2017

Hello All, 

     I have successfully cleared my PSM 1 assessment yesterday and would like to thank you all for posting your discussions on the forums. It really helped to start with. Though the exam was a bit challenging in the beginning as I was only able to complete 20 questions in first 30 minutes, I realized the importance of managing time and spending not more than 45 seconds on every question. They also have the option to bookmark the questions which I did but was not able to go back to those questions as I was running out of time. Overall, my experience was good as the difficulty level of the assessment was more towards on 'Intermediate' side. I scored 70/80. Here are tips from my experience/preparation for PSM 1

1) Go through Scrum Guide THOROUGHLY.

2) Forum Discussions on

3) Free open assessments. I found 6-8 questions that came from Scrum Master open assessment. 

4) Act Smart. Keep in mind that what is the first thing you will do as a Scrum Master.

Feel free to post your comments/similar experience on this post. 

Thank you

Anuj Merchant