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Last post 10:00 pm July 31, 2023 by René Gysenbergs
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12:44 am July 2, 2017

Hello everyone,

I've seen the Youtube movie of Dave West and Jayne Groll over the partnership between and DevOps Institute. I've read the article in ADT Magazine and the press release.

Scrumops has really got my interest.

I've been searching the internet, but most that I find will be pointing back to the ADT Magazine and the information on and Devops Institute.

Does anyone knows how this will be further worked out in the future?

Will it become a guide, a course, a training or stays a workshop? Or are there other plans in the making for Scrumops?

With kind regards,



05:02 am July 3, 2017

Hey Rene,

  I too wanted to get my hands on the same but when I enquired I came to know that is in process of creating a course for the same and its likely to come out towards the end of this year.



03:51 pm February 26, 2018

Hello everyone,

Is there something new known about the Scrumops initiative?

With kind regards,


07:54 am March 21, 2018

Hi Rene! 

Maybe I am not familiar with DevOps but in my mind ScrumOps = DevOps. 

Scrum and DevOps complement each other. Scrum is more about processes, however DevOps is more about technical practices. 

09:18 am March 21, 2018

Hi Orkhan,

Around July 2017 there was a press release stating that that and DevOps Institute would work together to create a "ScrumOps" course.

In this case "ScrumOps" would be a DevOps approach tailor-made to Scrum product development as a counterweight to most other DevOps approaches that work primarily with Kanban as the product development approach.

You can find the posts in the blog here on and if you google for "ScrumOps".

Yet, I haven't heard anything anymore in the last year about ScrumOps, so I'm wondering what the status is of it.

Will there still be a course in the near future?

With kind regards,


12:25 pm March 21, 2018

02:00 pm March 21, 2018

Hello Filip,

I suspect that PSK has been created as

A) a standalone way to introduce several Kanban principles into a Scrum while preserving the Scrum framework

B) to facilitate in the implementation and usage of ScrumOps.

The name "ScrumOps" isn't something that I coined up, but and DevOps Institute to name a DevOps method that is based on putting an Increment on a regular interval into operations and not based on Continuous Delivery/Continuous Integration that you get with pure Kanban/DevOps. (for so far I could interpret from the press releases).

The PSK also maintains the Sprint and Increment of Scrum, while introducing several Kanban principles. Pure Kanban works with CD and no Sprints. It can be more seen as with the PSD I that incorporated eXtreme Programming principles into Scrum while maintaining the characteristics of Scrum and not evolve in pure XP.

TL;DR: While PSK looks like having beneficiary qualities for implementing ScrumOps, I do not think that this is the "ScrumOps" course that was talked about in July 2017 and I was wondering if there is recent news about ScrumOps.

With kind regards,


06:19 pm March 21, 2018

Hi Rene,

I suggest that you read this white paper:

07:54 am March 22, 2018

Hi Eric,

Thank you for pointing out the existents of this white paper, it completely bypassed my radar. 

I've read it and it gives some nice explanations, tips and approaches to Scrum + DevOps, unfortunate I feel a little disappointed that from the working together of and DevOps Institute we only have a white paper, some articles and a vid.

From the buzz that surrounded "ScrumOps" in 2017, I had expected a guide and assessment (in the style of the Nexus Guide and SPS Assessment).

Hey, you win some, you lose some, that's life.


07:19 pm March 22, 2018

Hi Rene,

I 'totally hear ya'--But, hey--I've also not heard, nor seen it stated anywhere, that will NOT be creating a 'ScrumOps' Guide, Course, or Assessment. So, while those don't currently exist, perhaps they're 'on the Product Backlog' for future development. I most certainly do not know if that is true, and I also can't say for sure that this following statement is correct--But, I'd venture to guess that these things being/getting on their PBL, is likely to be influenced by whether or not many Scrum practitioners / Community members are expressing a desire for these resources, in order to better our craft and Improve the Profession of Software Delivery. 

If enough interest and desire is expressed by the Community, perhaps sometime further down the road... :-) 

05:07 pm July 29, 2023

Somewhere ScrumOps disappeared from the / DevOps Institute map. Realistically today, this is a logical adoptions with both on-premises as well as cloud. Automation and CI/CD will continue to grown and evolve wether is under the umbrella of the traditional organizations or not. 

The concept and approach to ScrumOps has continued as business as usual. I'm just curious of what exactly happened that after 2017 the Scrum community never heard back?

12:09 pm July 30, 2023

Hi @Robert, we worked together on some things including this whitepaper: and webinar:

No further work was done between the 2 organizations due to many factors, however we continue to write about and create content around Scrum and DevOps found here:

02:04 pm July 30, 2023

I am not sure if idea of giving every application of Scrum a separate name is a good one.

Scrum with Kanban suddenly became Scrumban,  Scrum with DevOps is Scrumops, I guess Scrum with rxtreme programming is XPScrum and so on

Scrum os designed yo be wrapped around any programming methodology or project management style, which does not change actual application of a framework. So why invent complications for simple things?

10:00 pm July 31, 2023

@Nicholas Gabrichidze,

1) Scrum with Kanban is the PSK I, which is different from ScrumBan.

    The reason for that is that ScrumBan takes only elements from Scrum and elements from Kanban,      but since Scrum is an immutable framework, you can't really use the monniker "ScrumBan".

PSK uses the complete Scrum framework and adds elements of Kanban to it.

2) "ScrumOps" was a buzz in 2017, looking like becoming a more Scrum centric approach to DevOps, but it fizzled out. Remember that in 2017 and earlier DevOps had a more Kanban-ish approach by delivering and deploying code on User Story level instead on delivering and deploying on Increment level.

Already in 2017 the "Multiple Increments may be created within a Sprint" was starting to appear on blogs, forums and assessments, which eventually became integrated into the SG 2020, nullifying in theory the need for a mini-big bang release approach for two weeks/1 month increments.

Although from my anecdotical personal experience is that companies who use Scrum and DevOps do use the mini-big bang approach by only releasing the final Increment of a Sprint and not the Increment builds that were created during the Sprint, so a specific ScrumOps approach would still be valuable.

3) Scrum with eXtreme Programming is the approach you will find in the PSD I training.

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