My story to PSM-1(Passed 91%)

Last post 05:21 pm July 30, 2017
by Maheep Bhambri
05:21 pm July 30, 2017


Last week, I passed PSMI (PSM-1) with 91.3% . I would like to thank and mention few resources which were helpful during this preparation and made this successful in first attempt for me.

I would like to suggest below sequence for the preparation of PSM1

  1. Read scrum guide once – To know basic concepts and Jargon (without notes)
  2. Read scrum Glossary – To know one liner or Definition or concepts.
  3. Take One open assessment test on – To know what kind of questions you will face in real exam
  4. Read scrum guide 2nd time – This time make notes of points or use your learning technique e.g. Memory maps
  5. Read Mplaza Training material – available online – To know concepts in detailed explanation
  6. Read Scrum narrative and PSM exam guide (paid e-Book) . To prepare yourself for PSM and its concepts in very detailed manner. Book has lot of practice questions. It really help you prepare for Exam.
  7. Go thru Forums for questions which could have tricky answers
  8. Read Scrum guide again and this time read word by word.
  9. If you feel confident now. then start practice for Open assessments. repeat practice questions till you get 100% at least three consecutive times.
  10. Take mpalshin Practice exam in Learning and Real mode. Repeat this if you don’t pass this.
  11. At last , once you feel confident that you have prepared enough. Read scrum guide one more time.
  12. Read Burndown chart(goggle/wiki) , Nexus guide from
  13. Write Exam with confidence. Make sure speed is key .



I did the scrum open assessment 5 times, nexus 2 times, developer once (but is not recommendable), product owner 3 times, twice . Also Read Scrum guide at least 3-4 times.

Good luck With your attempt !!